Computer Monitor Diorama

December 16th, 2013 in member junk     
shamrockerin shamrockerin, member
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I'd been wanting to do something w/ an old computer monitor for a while. I searched craig's List, but I ended up getting one from a guy that was donating them to Goodwill. I asked if I could just take one, and he didn't mind.


I've seen people make them into aquariums before- but I didn't want the responsibility of taking care of fish. I decided to make a terrarium. There is just moss and 2 mini cactus plants in there now, but I'm hoping to add more soon.

I wanted to put dinosaurs in there as my own little commentary on technology. ;)

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MichL writes: Love it! Never would have thought an old monitor could be so darn cute. Posted: 9:45 am on January 3rd
CottageElements writes: Clever and fun!

Lani Posted: 8:31 am on December 27th
gadgetsponge writes: I could definitely see a whole series of dioramas from you. Keep it up. Great way to keep these "dinosaurs" out of the landfill down the road. Posted: 3:33 pm on December 19th
MakinItHappen writes: Ha, cute! I had an iMac like this. Unfortunately, when it became a ***dinosaur***, I gave it away. Some people are making kitty hideaways out of them now. Posted: 1:23 pm on December 18th
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