Gas Punk

November 25th, 2013 in member junk     
outofcontext Bill Powers, contributor
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Gas Punk   Salvaged re-purposed early table top gas lamp.   This one was sitting dejectedly in the clearance of a little antique shop.   Broken but covered with amazing green and black corrosion on its original nickel finish. It said take me home...   Things usually have to percolate with me but I knew right away this would be a lamp with a slight steam punk attitude.   I used Bakelite sockets and modern exposed wiring, the switch is a dimmer so you can enjoy it as ambient lighting or cozy up next to it with a good book on its brightest setting.
Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Gas Punk
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Comments (9)

JunkArchitect writes: Now that is one fantastic creation...great job!

Posted: 4:48 am on December 18th
suziart writes: Another great lamp! It is so fun to see what is created with found objects.

Suzi~ Posted: 9:35 am on December 17th
Derskine writes: Nice! Posted: 11:54 pm on December 4th
gadgetsponge writes: Electrifying! Really like the raw look with the vintage-style wiring. Posted: 6:15 pm on December 2nd
TinTinJunkFan writes: Love what you did with this! I like those light bulbs. Posted: 8:26 am on November 27th
CottageElements writes: I wanted to like Ken's comment. I so understand that! Great find...again another LOVE It from me!

Lani Posted: 7:53 am on November 27th
EmmasNookandGranny writes: Hi and welcome, Bill! Your work is nothing short of amazing. Keep 'em coming! I am thoroughly enjoying your imagination and creations.

~Marge Posted: 2:21 pm on November 26th
georgiamoon writes: Hey!! Thank you for sharing all these great projects! I love your style. It usually takes me a while (sometimes so long that I forget I even have it) to figure it out what it wants to be, but I know some who see something and immediately know what it will become...that is a talent.
Another winner!
Georgia Posted: 7:16 am on November 26th
StrangeCargo writes: Often times, the best finds are those stashed away in the seller's inventory wasteland, that obscure, out of the way place under the counter or in the corner. I, too, many times see an item that initially attracts me for some bizarre reason, leaves me dazed, confused, and undecided, but gets stored in an already overloaded "what could it be" file in my fuzzy head. I also admit that many times I depart empty handed only to toss and turn further and farther from the store when that "what could it be file" finally computes into a project that finally, of course, shines through. You all know what follows is that 180 degree u-turn and high speed chase back to the store hoping no other rocket scientist discovered the lonely, but valuable gem. Ho hum, the stress of a junker is not easy....

Oh, and by the way, your creation is simple, beautiful, and perfect!

Ken Posted: 4:36 am on November 26th
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