Is it really just an ironing board though?

December 10th, 2013 in member junk     
GypsyBarn Jasmin Marisett, contributor
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From a distance it lookslike simply a cute plant stand.
Looking closer - we start seeing the finished product
Upon closer inspection - OOOOOOOO
The centre lotus was burned in - the rest was done via engraver. A new toy - I had to test its limits!
Annnnnnnnnnnd engraving - day after day after day. It was my * downtime doodle* project
Testing the different heads on the engraver. This was a total *test it out* piece for sure! Engrave - sand - stain - sand stain repeat!
adding the first coat of stain to the accent areas. Adding two coats of stain usually darkens up the piece - so I chose to only allow it to darken certain areas by selecting different highlight points. Like this.
a nice example of the varying shades of layered stain and its effect.
From a distance it lookslike simply a cute plant stand.

From a distance it lookslike simply a cute plant stand.

Yes. I love the end product. However, the piece was more about the process and how to get to that end piece. So there are quite a few progress shots. Basically, my loving man bought me a new toy. An engraver. I had started burning this piece - the lotus - but after I found this, I switched it up to see what it's limits were. A girlfriend of mine took the liberty of doodling on the Henna Designs for me while I worked on other things, then I busted out my new toy and went to town! It toook a long time yes. Longer than most pieces - but simply because - it was the  ~downtime~ project. When I was too tired to do anything else - I would just grab the engraver and start playng. A month later - it's done!

Pattern or design used: My own design - Henna Plant Stand
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BillyJo writes: Thanks Jasmin, I was looking for something cool to do with an ironing board just like this. It looks so neat. BillyJo Posted: 12:38 pm on October 3rd
suziart writes: Love the engraving...makes it a brautiful piece of art!

Suzi~ Posted: 7:51 am on December 16th
papajon writes: really nice work! A great way to while away the time! Starting to look for a suitable board! Posted: 7:18 am on December 13th
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Posted: 1:30 pm on December 12th
CraftyMis writes: Nice! Reminds me of the tooled leather from way back..only nicer! I would never have thought of it, good job!
Posted: 9:04 am on December 12th
MakinItHappen writes: This is fab-U-lus, both as a piece of art and a functional plant stand. Bonus: NOT using an ironing board for its intended purpose. ;) Posted: 9:30 am on December 11th
suewhitney writes: Now this is what I call arty farty cool! Is there such a term as arty farty cool? There is now. :)

Take care,
Sue Posted: 7:33 am on December 11th
JunkArchitect writes: WoW...what an amazing piece. One of the coolest ironing board tables I've ever seen.

Posted: 5:52 am on December 11th
gadgetsponge writes: I always love your engraved and burned pieces. This is no exception. I like the fact that it's a surprise when you get closer to the ironing board. Kudos!! Posted: 5:46 pm on December 10th
georgiamoon writes: Pretty incredible stuff here. That is a LOT of work!
Posted: 12:28 pm on December 10th
shabbychick writes: Beautiful art...and time well spent! An engraver looks like fun!!

Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Posted: 11:26 am on December 10th
EmmasNookandGranny writes: Wow!!!! It's gorgeous! I can't imagine the number of hours you have in this project. Your time and patience certainly paid off. It is a real work of art!

~Marge Posted: 11:48 am on December 10th
shamrockerin writes: it looks amazing! I probably would have been lazy about it, and just painted it white, but your end result is worth the effort. Posted: 9:47 am on December 10th
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