Dirty Ol' Work Bench PURRRfect as an Island!

August 11th, 2013 in member junk     
GypsyBarn Jasmin Marisett, contributor
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All done!
Now this image is basically giving you the jist of where we found this piece and in what condition. Also, helping to teach you to see past the crap to the beauty!
I dedicated one whole day to stripping half an inch off this piece and sanding her down as smooth as possible, but at the same time trying to preserve the dings and gouges that gave her some character!
I can not stress enough the importance of wood conditioner before staining a piece!~ STRESS STRESS STRESS!!!!! Use it!
Here she is - soaking in the conditioner!
Now for the stain!.... Shhhhhtinky job. Use the proper fume mask. Its pink! Why not use it?
Also ............... dust masks for stripping! Add some fun to them!
I replaced the bottom metal shelves with 2- 200 year old barn boards. Sealed up with quite a few coats of urethane and stain!
A nice close up showing the details of the old machinery that I tried to preserve.
From teh side. After the stain and MANY clear coats
All done!

All done!

This project took quite some time! I think the clear coats were the longest. Sanding between each coat. Waiting for it to dry, sanding again ... and repeat, and repeat and repeat. She was pretty grungy when we found her, but I HAD to make her over! Can you believe the person that was bidding against me at this sale wanted to use it for fire wood????? Apparently it burns long? * GASP* JEEEEEBUZZZZ CREEEEEBUZZZZ! Crazy people! Ideally I made this for our kitchen, but in the time it took me to refinish, we found some huge solid cherry wood slabs, and well ... that's another post! Ideally it can also be used as a desk, bar, checkout cash desk etc

Pattern or design used: My own design - Rustic Industrial Kitchen Island
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Junkpony writes: This is beautiful! Posted: 9:39 am on August 20th
TinTinJunkFan writes: what a great job! Would love to have this table! Posted: 1:52 pm on August 16th
chippingcharm writes: LOVE this Jasmin! Beautiful... Posted: 2:20 pm on August 14th
MakinItHappen writes: I want that! Posted: 7:05 am on August 14th
suewhitney writes: Oh, my word...this is gorgeous!!! Love it Jasmin..

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 11:29 am on August 13th
gadgetsponge writes: Awesome, awesome table! Talk about character - this one has it plenty. Nice work Jasmin! Posted: 6:12 am on August 13th
LloydsLandingofSears writes: Beautifully up-cycled, Jasmin, and, yes, I'm jealous! ~Mary~ Posted: 8:50 pm on August 11th
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