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July 1st, 2013 in blog, member junk     
JunkArchitect Jim Healy, editor
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I created it to be a bedside table, so it better not turn into a place to hide a keg!
It originally held 30-gallons of oil.
The top started out with a 2x2 sheet of 1/2 plywood.
To draw a perfect circle I used a beam compass that I’ve had since college. Back in the “old days” architects actually drafted by hand.
The text was hand painted over a white base coat. The final step was distressing the top to match the age of the oil drum. 
Hopefully it will come back in worst shape than when it left.
I created it to be a bedside table, so it better not turn into a place to hide a keg!

I created it to be a bedside table, so it better not turn into a place to hide a keg!

Photo: Jim Healy - (copyright 2013)

When I found this vintage Kendall oil drum at the flea market, I immediately knew what to repurpose it as…A TABLE! My son needs some indestructible dorm room furniture and I’ve already pre-wrecked it, so whatever additional damage he does will only add to its distressed charm.   

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Jim Healy - Junk Architect (copyright 2013)
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LloydsLandingofSears writes: I have an old oil can similar to this one and planned to have my hubby make it into a table for his garage with a heavy top and bottom out of wood so it wouldn't tip. Did you put weight in the bottom of your can too? I have a piece of Amish cut slab wood to use... Now I can envision it better from your photos. Great job, Jim! ~Mary~ Posted: 8:01 pm on August 11th
CreepinJen writes: A plain wood top would have been nice, but the hand painted graphic really adds to the piece. Glad you posted a picture of the beam compass too. Cool Tool.

Posted: 9:22 pm on July 5th
TinTinJunkFan writes: Another fabulous creation. Love that it's so simple!

Posted: 12:17 pm on July 5th
RevivalMercantile writes: Totally dig this!! My parents never gave me anything this cool :(

Posted: 9:58 am on July 3rd
gadgetsponge writes: Classic piece for years to come!

Great job Jim!
Posted: 7:37 am on July 3rd
Heavenly_Treasures writes:

Posted: 5:22 pm on July 1st
MakinItHappen writes: I knew this was yours when I saw the photo. Awesome, per your usual standards. If it were mine, I'd hide something in there!

Posted: 4:12 pm on July 1st
AtticusFinch writes: "Trust" at some point something will be hidden, whether from you or the dorm monitor.

So where is the creative lamp for lighting to go with this piece?

Good job JA...

Posted: 3:06 pm on July 1st
JunkArchitect writes: StrangeCargo, I attached a 2x12 to the underside of the plywood. It gives the top some weight and a tight fit.


Posted: 1:57 pm on July 1st
StrangeCargo writes: Jim, beautiful transition from oil drum to dorm table. May I ask is the plywood top affixed to the drum?

Well done. Thanks.

Posted: 1:41 pm on July 1st
G writes: Kendall Oil..a dual action oil made to go the distance..just like the table is made to go that extra mile..! The weathered, rusty patina will only get better with use.. Another amazing job, Jim Healy..!

And don't forget to Check your oil..!

Posted: 9:03 am on July 1st
suewhitney writes: So cool, Jimbo! If I were you I'd check for the hidden keg every time I visited. Just saying.... :)

Be Well,
Posted: 7:16 am on July 1st
georgiamoon writes: Wow Jim, your graphics are always so amazing! This oil drum was a great find and Dylan is lucky to have such a cool table to take to the dorms. I'll bet all his buddies are going to LOVE this. Just imagine what will go on around this table...OK maybe we shouldn't go there! As usual you did a fantastic job and came up with a unique and functional table that is just perfect for a dorm room!

Posted: 6:03 am on July 1st
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