Picken my own Garage!

May 14th, 2013 in member junk     
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my lot of treasures
hope he doesnt notice I took this cute little metal stepstool.  
thats actually an old sprinkler system box- pic is too bright but it is really cool.  Theres probably 500 coffee cans full of parts and pieces.. ill get through them someday!
my lot of treasures

my lot of treasures

ok, I know what you're thinking... why did i pick my own garage??  Actually it was my husband's garage, mine is already organized & cleaned.

so we bought this house last October in the middle of the mountains.. bonus was the big extra shop/ garage came FULL of stuff!  I have picked through some of it on an as need an item basis and my husband has been attempting to organize (a hell of a challenge- but it's HIS garage!)  BUT today I dug and looked under & in and around and had two hours of pure pickin bliss!  There's plenty more burried in there but I can only help him "organize" as I can fit it comfortably in my own space :) 

PS- please don't mention this to him.

Now, who wants to come over and help me screw stuff together?

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georgiamoon writes: Love the great piles of JUNK!! I can see lots of things that I would "pick" too!
Georgia Posted: 7:02 am on May 21st
gadgetsponge writes: Great finds! And so close to home. Haha. I constantly have to pick my own garage when I work. These picks make me feel right at home. Posted: 8:18 am on May 15th
MakinItHappen writes: Ohmygosh, how lucky can you get! So much fun!!! Posted: 7:44 am on May 15th
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