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These are some wooden letters I painted and added sparkle to.
I really treasure this sterling silver vanity set (brushes and mirrors) as they were my grandmothers.
These are some little ornaments I made out of old napkin rings and crystals.
I made these ornaments out of pieces of old cutlery and crystals.
Also incorporated into the tree are some old glass doorknobs, bits of jewellry and an old black purse.
These are some wooden letters I painted and added sparkle to.

These are some wooden letters I painted and added sparkle to.

I did a silver, white and black theme for my tree this year so had lots of junk around the house to incorporate into the design!!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - junkdreams
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fellowjunker writes: What an absolute pleasure it has been for me to be part of the junkmarket site this past year. I am once again overwhelmed reading the very kind and generous comments from you, my junking friends. Each day you all bring me joy and inspiration and I thank you for that. Wishing you ALL happiness, joy and peace in 2010!!!
xojanis Posted: 6:52 pm on December 31st
writes: Janis,
Another stunning project! You have such an amazing way with things so delicate and precious. I love seeing your work. Beautiful.

Jenny K Posted: 11:26 am on December 31st
jillruth writes: Beautiful tree! I also find it great fun that we can peek at you taking the pictures in the silver balls! I hope to do a junk tree next year--- Posted: 9:11 am on December 31st
starlvr writes: luv it!!! Posted: 8:30 am on December 31st
Heavenly_Treasures writes: JANIS,
WOW,What a beautiful tree. You have a nice way of doing things and puting everything in perspective.JUST LOVE IT.ROBERT. Posted: 12:00 am on December 31st
Cocalotta writes:
I keep thinking...wish I could see the top of the tree.
I can only imagine what type of "tree topper" you came
up. This is what I want next Christmas!!! Posted: 12:00 am on December 31st
MakinItHappen writes: Beautiful! Posted: 10:21 pm on December 30th
monakent writes: AMAZINGLY beautiful!!! You never cease to surprise me with your projects. They are always so lovely, with so much charm and grace. This tree should have been featured in a magazine for more to see and enjoy.

How unique to use treasured pcs (your grandmothers' mirrors and brushes), glass door knobs and other bling. I LOVE the ornaments you made out of old napkin rings....ingenious!!!

Janis, you are an inspiration to us all. You talents are off the charts, when it comes to decorating!!! gailmarie Posted: 8:04 pm on December 30th
oldnews writes: It is incredibly beautiful! I am also glad that it's been reposted, because honestly, it's one of the most beautiful trees I've ever seen! Wow! Marie Posted: 7:27 pm on December 30th
artteachergirl writes: Glad this was re-posted! How beautiful!!! Posted: 6:22 pm on December 30th
Cocalotta writes:
I love everything about your tree. The color scheme is perfect. I like that you used the glass door knobs.
I would have never thought of the silverware but it looks
great. Then the black accents finished it up. I don't
think of this as a "junk" project at all. It is Beautiful.
Thanks and Happy New Year. Posted: 5:47 pm on December 30th
RustyDiva writes: I have grown to be such a big fan of Janis and her beautiful junk! Thank you so much Gretchen for picking this one. I love it and I look forward to many more inspiring ideas from our Canadian creator of beautiful things!!!! Absolutely awesome Janis!

Kenda Posted: 5:45 pm on December 30th
MimiToria writes: My dear friend, Janis is someone that I would love to have as a next door neighbor. She's from Canada, so we've never met, but we've become soul sisters through junking. My dream is to one day meet her, and I look forward to one day that happening. Janis is filled with creativity and everything pretty. If you look back at her projects over the past year, you'll see that she has grown in both abilities, confidence, creativity and photography talents. Those of us that have been a part of Junk Market for a while can easily spot one of Janis' magnificant posts without ever seeing a name. She truly has her own style, which is ultra feminine and oh, so pretty.

I chose this post because it was posted almost a year ago when many of you weren't even yet members on this site and I thought it was a fun example of what the JMS site is all about, re purposing and designing with others cast offs. So without further ado, I present Janis' 2008 Christmas tree to you. Enjoy!
Posted: 6:39 pm on December 17th
georgiamoon writes: Gorgeous as usual! When I was younger and didn't have my own ornament collection yet, I used lots of neat things that I found around the house and it turned out so cute that I continue to do that now. It adds such a unique touch. Love it, Georgia Posted: 4:22 pm on December 10th
fellowjunker writes: Hey Marijo (Junktique)
Here's my email address... Let me know what your email is and I will email instructions for the chimes and lights.
xojanis Posted: 11:11 am on December 10th
MimiToria writes: Janis-
I'll try to take photos another day, as I don't have lights on this tree and need better lighting for the baby shoes to show up.
Gretchen Posted: 5:41 pm on December 8th
CottageElements writes: Absolutely lovely, Janis! You have a great knack of putting things together. I did the door knobs in my tree this year too! Great minds think alike! LOL! When they're not in the tree, I have them in my little aquarium tank or in a bowl. Thanks again!

Lani Posted: 4:05 pm on December 8th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: I love, love, love your tree, Janis! Your family treasures make it look absolutely stunning! I see the glass doorknob peeking from the tree and think that is just beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your lovely tree.

Candy Posted: 4:03 pm on December 8th
junktiqueboutique writes: Janis, I think everyone would like more detailed instructions because you got so many postive feedback on the lights and wind chimes. How and where are the holes drilled on the lights and how do the wind chimes hold up outside?
Thank you, Marijo Posted: 3:47 pm on December 8th
fellowjunker writes: Thanks so much junktique! Let me know if you would like some help with the lights and I'll send you some more detailed instructions.......they are really so easy to whip up.
xojanis Posted: 3:36 pm on December 8th
junktiqueboutique writes: Janis, I love all of your posts. I even found a silver tea set last weekend & hope to make some night lights like yours.
Your tree is so beautiful and unusual. Posted: 3:16 pm on December 8th
shabbychick writes: Janis - your tree looks wonderful - and all the memories attached to the pieces and parts make it so special! Your napkin ring ornaments are sweet too and a little extra "bling"!

Looks like a very merry Christmas at your house!! :)

Kathy Posted: 2:54 pm on December 8th
fellowjunker writes: Thanks Gretchen have to post a picture with the baby shoes in your tree. I would love to see that.
xojanis Posted: 2:18 pm on December 8th
MimiToria writes: Hey Janis your tree turned out great! Love the black,silver & white theme you've chosen to use. You've got some great display pcs. that are packed with memories in your tree too, which is always a fun way to remember loved ones. I used to frame photos of my loved ones in vintage lockets/pocket watches, etc. that I would find.
The door knobs in the tree are cool too. My tree is too weak for the heft of those, as I had thought about doing that, but it didn't work. I've since added a cute vintage white leather baby shoe, and a few other things into my tree.
Very smart idea with the napkin ring turned ornaments and love the vintage silverware with bling too.
Gretchen Posted: 1:50 pm on December 8th
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