How To Make A Santa Snow Globe

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Vintage Flower Aquarium Snow Globe

Junk Market Style Difficulty Meter

Vintage glass flower aquarium
Vintage Santa (or other figurine)
Distilled water
Rubbing/Isopropyl alcohol (50%)
Florist clay
Plumbers tape
Aquarium sealant (optional)

Here's what you will need to get started. Use your imagination on the item you choose to put inside. Try vintage ornaments, figurines, or even tiny bottle brush trees.

Tools List:
Popsicle stick
Measuring cup
Paper towel


Step 1: Soak Santa in water overnight to allow for off-gassing.

No matter what you choose to use in your snow globe, it is always a good idea to let it soak overnight. That way any trapped air inside the item will escape, or offgass, eliminating air bubbles inside your globe.

Step 2: Remove any paper from inside of lid.

If the paper sticks, try soaking it in warm water or use a little 'Goo Gone.'

Step 3: Break off a small piece of florist clay, soften by kneading in your hands, and mold into lid. Make sure to leave the edges clear to accommodate placing it on the base.

The florist clay is water proof for use in floral arrangements so it is perfect for use in a snowglobe. Not only will it adhere your figurine to the lid, it will help elevate your figurine for better placement.

Step 4: Press Santa firmly into florist clay.

Just be sure to press down into the clay. We wouldn't want Santa floating away.

Step 5: Carefully add water to aquarium. Don't fill to top. Leave some space for the Santa.

It is a good idea to do a test run with plain water first. Place the lid with the adhered figurine in the globe filled with plain water, then carefully remove it and mark the side of the globe at the water level. This will prevent overfilling once you are using the water, alcohol, glycerine mixture.

Step 6: Add alcohol to water.


The alcohol ensures that the contents of the globe won't get moldy or cloudy over time.

The proportions I used were:

1 gallon distilled H2O (minus 12oz)
1 C. Isopropyl alcohol
6 oz. glycerin

Step 7: Add glycerin to water and alcohol mixture.

Glycerin can be found in the cake decorating isle of the craft store. It helps the snow to fall a little more slowly and gives the perfect effect.

Step 8: Add glitter. Use more or less depending on the desired snowfall amount.

Since my Santa had a bit of gold in his hat, I mixed gold and white glitter for the snow.

Step 9: Gently stir the glitter into the water mixture.

Stir and observe. Not enough of a storm for you? Add some more glitter.

Step 10: Wrap a thin thread of plumbers tape around top of aquarium lip. This will eliminate any leakage.

I love this easy to use product. Stops a leak every time!

Step 11: Submerse the Santa completely in water and tilt gently up and down to remove any air bubbles.

This Santa is a vintage pepper shaker so he has holes in his head. To make sure I didn't get any air bubbles in the finished globe, I had to keep turning him to allow all the air to escape.

Step 12: With the holes in the top of the Santa covered, remove him from the water and gently turn him upside down into water in aquarium.

Air out, water in.

Step 13: Gently tighten lid, wiping with a paper towel to dry and check for leaks.

You may want to do this over a sink or bucket to ensure any excess water doesn't end up on your work surface.

Step 14: Optional- if you find that your aquarium is leaking, you may run a small bead of aquarium sealant around the outside edge of the lid.

Step 15: Shake and enjoy

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Comments (12)

NicoleMarie writes: Thank you so much for giving us the "how to" I love these. Just have one question...Do I need to worry about the bottom and or the florist clay showing? NicoleMarie Posted: 9:42 pm on December 17th
MakinItHappen writes: This is fantastic! Thanks for the great, detailed instructions. Posted: 12:30 pm on January 2nd
artteachergirl writes: ooooOOOOOO a plan for next year! I am an art teacher and I have always wanted to create snow globes with some of my students. I am always receiving baby food jars as donations to the art room. I've got loads of them so here we go... second graders are gonna make snow globes... with much supervision. Thanks for this! Posted: 10:02 pm on December 29th
shabbychick writes: Kimberly,

Who doesn't LOVE Santa Claus??? And you've "captured" this one in such a fun way! What a great project for kids (definitely with adult supervision, right??). You've given us great instructions on the "how to" of this project. And, the possibilities for different "subjects" is endless...snowmen, angels, birds, cartoon characters, super heros - (and speaking of super heroes (in our junk world) how about a mini-Sue with a piece of junk in one hand, and Gorilla Glue in the other)... Thought I'd get a laugh from Miss Sue!!! :)

So, in the spirit of the holiday and winter season - I've chosen this as my FAVORITE project by my friend Kimberly!

During our trip to "Minnesnowta" this past summer, Candy and I had the pleasure of meeting some of our JMS contributors and members, and we got to spend some time (not enough though...right Kimberly??) with Kimberly. She and her mother-in-law graciously hosted us on their boat one evening - where we shared lots of laughs, a sunset and a wonderful lakeside dinner. In addition to helping to entertain us, she was also having a garage sale the same weekend - which we of course had to visit and shop a bit! (And, yes...there was some awesome "junk" there!)

It was so much fun getting to know Kimberly and the Minnesota gang... It's a great memory, and a reminder...we have to plan for next year!!!

Looking forward to more of your clever projects - and your great junk style in 2010!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year my friend!


Posted: 9:29 am on December 18th
Walkwwest writes: Kimberly, Thanks so much. Although I wasn't looking to make a snow globe I have several I wanted to repair. The water had become cloudy and although I had figured out how to disassemble them I wasn't sure how to refill the globe to prevent this from happening again. I was thinking some type of bleach but the alcohol makes much more sense. Posted: 7:30 pm on November 24th
tamilyn writes: Once upon a time I made these with my Brownie troop. We used old babyfood jars and miniature items I collected here and there. They were just the right size for small hands to hold. Thanks for the gylcerin tip! Quickly sinking glitter was my only puzzle! Can't wait to find some flower aquariums and make more for myself! Posted: 6:21 am on December 19th
CottageElements writes: Kimberly, just trying to play catch-up on all the posts. You miss a few days and bamm!! Tons of creat projects to review!

Love you're snow globe. I actually have the same pair of Santa and Mrs. Claus shakers. How does the cold paint hold up in the liquid? This looks like a fun project I could do with my daughter. She loves creating, too! Thanks!

Lani Posted: 11:43 am on December 16th
Meadowview_Farm writes: Kimberly:
It is so wonderful that you provided a project that includes children. As we mentor this next generation of recyclers and reusers - we all know it starts from the very beginning.
Kari Posted: 9:13 am on December 13th
CottageLifestyle writes: Kimberly, thanks for sharing. I have always wanted to know how to make a snow globe. Yours is adorable.

Renee Posted: 7:59 pm on December 12th
fellowjunker writes: What a fun idea Kimberly.........I love that you used a vintage salt shaker!!! Now I'll be on the look out for those vintage flower aquariums...I've seen them around, but had no idea what to do with them.
Just beautiful as ALL your projects are!!
xojanis Posted: 4:50 pm on December 12th
writes: I have ALWAYS wondered how this was done! I love it and am going to give it a try.

Great post Kimberly!

JennyK Posted: 4:27 pm on December 12th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: This is just adorable Kimberly and I've actually always wanted to try this. Now I have detailed instructions to do so! Thanks! That happy Santa looks like he was made for this project too.

Candy Posted: 10:37 am on December 12th
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