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September 14th, 2015 in blog, member junk     
JunkArchitect Jim Healy, editor
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This was sketched on a manila folder, while flying on a plane, with a beer in the other hand. 
Mantle in my bedroom.
Ok, this one looks too good. That’s because I did it on my drawing board.
Corbel lamp.
This was sketched on a paper tablecloth at a dive bar while on the way home from Brimfield in 1990.
My kitchen pantry.
Want to see more? Copy/paste the link below. 
Same dive bar...same paper tablecloth.
Have you noticed that a lot of my drawings are on a 45 degree angle...I wonder why...drinkin at a dive bar?!?!
Display in my home furnishings store.
This was sketched at an elementary school play…my kid wasn’t in it! And it was years ago so I’m immune from prosecution.  
Floor lamp. 
To see more photos, copy/paste the link below.
I should not be admitting to this, but I sketched the shelf while bored out of my mind at an architectural seminar. In my defense, the lecture was about different types of grout.
The photo was shot in my home store but the piece was intended to be a kitchen shelving unit. The bottom rail is for a towel.
This was sketched on a manila folder, while flying on a plane, with a beer in the other hand. 

This was sketched on a manila folder, while flying on a plane, with a beer in the other hand. 

Photo: Jim Healy (copyright 2013)

Prior to building most of my creations, I’ll do a sketch. When I visualize a concept I need to draw it before the thought is lost forever and my mind moves onto the next idea, which could be in a few seconds. I’ve sketched on everything from tablecloths and napkins to a steamed up bathroom mirror and the palm of my hand. Once, I sketched a lamp in the dirt with a stick and then shot a photo of it with my phone. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do when there’s no pen and paper around. With hundreds of drawings to choose from I’ve compiled six (that's all I have room for) with their corresponding finished creations. Let me know if you enjoy this eclectic post and I’ll do it again sometime.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Jim Healy - Junk Architect (copyright 2013)
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Yeyas Antiques writes: Looks Great Jim!
The process, just as interesting. Posted: 8:34 am on May 20th
ravenwood writes: Love your work. It's what I look for first when I come to this site. You are very talented with recycling.

Posted: 6:08 am on April 3rd
TinTinJunkFan writes: Your sketches are every bit as fabulous as the projects themselves. I would love to see these matted and framed--maybe a collection on a big blank wall...or are you already doing that? Wonderful treasures.

Posted: 5:44 am on March 29th
suewhitney writes: I love this post, Jimbo!!! I do love the way the creative mind works and yours is one of the best! I do indeed think you should do this again!!! I still want the Soilax lamp!!! Thanks for sharing your gift, Jim!!

Be Well,

Posted: 5:57 am on March 28th
NDJunkGirl writes: Your a talented sketcher as well as builder! I'm not a drawer but I do snap many photo's with my cell or camera if I see an idea I could make or even of a display that catches my eye. Keep doing whatever you're doing, cause it's working - your projects are grand!


Posted: 11:29 am on March 27th
JunkArchitect writes: Thanks, MakinItHappen! I remember so many unnecessary things, so vividly too. Each occurrence is like a photo in my mind that I can refer back to. Random circumstances lead to ideas and concepts, sometimes years later.
Absorb all that is good!

Thanks again everyone.


Posted: 6:56 am on March 27th
MakinItHappen writes: You are so creative and so much fun! I think it's hilarious that you know where you were when you made all those drawings (with beer in hand). Grout seminar? Hey, better drawing than snoozing. The speaker probably thought you were taking copious notes!

Posted: 5:58 am on March 27th
G writes: Jim, I remember two years ago when I came across your creations on Facebook, they literally took my breath away. It's great for you to let us in on your creative process. The napkins, a stick drawing idea in the dirt, it shows when an idea gotta do...what you gotta do! I am more convinced than ever, that if a customer came to you and described a dream, you could create it, because you are the builder of dreams!
Build On, Jim Healy! We all eagerly await your next creation...!

Posted: 1:34 am on March 27th
alicemom writes: Jim,
I guess I can not comment on my iPad. I love your drawings so much I got up out of the comfy chair to comment. Your talent is just more than amazing! I keep wishing you would publish that book! But of course I want a signed copy! :-). From start to finish your creative juices are Over-flowing.

Keep those wonderful drawings coming!

smiles, alice

Posted: 8:20 am on March 26th
gadgetsponge writes: Fantastic post Jim. We all knew your mind works this way but it's great to see proof and origins of some of your great creations. Please post another series sometime soon!

Posted: 6:28 am on March 26th
JunkArchitect writes: Visualizing new concepts, sketching, designing and building have been the focus of my life since I was three years old. That's the reason I became an architect. There's a photo of me on Facebook when I was 9 months old banging away with a hammer and as happy as I could possibly be. I REALLY appreciate all the positive comments coming from such a talented group of people. This junk thing is not a fad but has been my life for the past fifty years.

Thanks again for ALL your encouragement!

Build on...!


Posted: 5:03 pm on March 25th
AtticusFinch writes: Love the penmanship on each of the drawing, as precise as the outcome. And aren't all creative minds best at work with a beer in hand?

Good job.

Posted: 4:24 pm on March 25th
StrangeCargo writes: Jim, well said and well done. Your sketches are suitable for framing.



Posted: 2:51 pm on March 25th
InkByTheBarrel writes: Love your kitchen pantry. My kitchen is too small to do something like that, but if I had the room I'd be robbing your idea.

Posted: 2:32 pm on March 25th
Junkpony writes: I love seeing your sketches, too, Jim... as someone who used to draw floor plans, maps, and buildings for fun as a kid, I have a fondness for beautiful, detailed sketches...and the need to draw an idea immediately, before it's lost.

I agree with Georgia, amazing stuff!

Posted: 10:11 am on March 25th
GypsyBarn writes: And it just comes right to life exactly like the sketch! That is SO NEAT to see!!!!!

Posted: 7:15 am on March 25th
georgiamoon writes: Pretty amazing stuff there Mr. Healy! It is always so interesting to see your sketches next to the finished creation. I have always loved seeing them when you have included them in the posts before. But this is a real showcase of your art and your ability to see something in your mind and then bring it to life. AND you can even see the exact colors too! This is kinda scary-cool.

Posted: 7:04 am on March 25th
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