Joy To The World

December 8th, 2008 in member junk     
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This window insert is from an old wood storm door.  A few of the window panes were broken along with one of the wood frames.  To remedy these issues, I removed the frame on the opposite side of the broken one and another glass pane for symmetry.     
My husband tried to send to yard sale, and I 
I used an old world map from my husbands childhood.  I couldnt believe he tried to sneak it into my sale!
You cant go wrong with vintage bottles. 
Silver-colored stocking hangers say it all. 
I used the end of my cedar rope greenery to make a mini-wreath.
I opted for a non-permanent way of attaching the map to the back of each pane by using packing tape.  I also stapled blue fabric to the back to hide any imperfections in my cutting skills.   
String vintage Christmas balls with fishing line and amaze your friends and family with their magical floating appearance. 

Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea.  Joy to you and me!

I've had the pieces-parts to make this display for years and thought I'd better get moving on it JennyK-style!  An easy map project for just about anywhere in your home.  I've chosen the mantle in our family room.      




Pattern or design used: JennyK inspiration
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Comments (15)

KingChase writes: Oh My God! This would make a beautiful headboard. I have an old large window and all I need is one of those really big old maps from the school. what a great idea for my sons room! Thanks for the idea! Posted: 2:04 pm on January 20th
1DesignChick writes: Wow! Really lovely! The frames of the french door really give it a graphic quality. And really delineates the sections. Love the fresh, current look with the beautiful blues and greens, which are popping up everywhere in design these days. So are maps. And the silver ornaments are a nice touch, floating on the white background, not competing with the maps, but not an empty space, either. Like everyone says, such a clean professional look! Cry your heart out, Pottery Barn!
Janet Posted: 11:48 pm on December 14th
Gardenjunky writes:
This project is just beautiful. It is such a professional
looking display. It could be in a magazine or fun shop. I know of a couple shops it would look great in. It just pops with your beautiful white woodwork in the background.

Carolyn Posted: 6:41 am on December 14th
georgiamoon writes: WOW. This is just TOO COOL! Really stunning result, Georgia Posted: 5:13 pm on December 10th
GroovyGreenDesigns writes: Candy, That turned out sooo pretty. Great idea!
Kelly Posted: 4:43 pm on December 10th
Chovey writes: Candy,
this is a great piece! Love it!
cynthia Posted: 7:48 pm on December 9th
junkermidge writes: I think Gretchen summed it up perfectly -- this looks like it should be featured in a magazine. It's positively amazing how putting a few things together can look so awesome. The color coming through from the map is perfect. Very inspiring!
Posted: 6:14 pm on December 9th
shabbychick writes: Candy - Thanks so much for sharing your "world" with us! What an awesome project! A JOY for sure!!! Beautiful with your accessories, and love the floating bulbs!

Kathy Posted: 1:45 pm on December 9th
saclark writes: This project is absolutely fantastic! I have a few windows similar to yours but never did anything with them (besides tables) cause they were so big. And the way you displayed it looks great!

Sharon Posted: 1:24 pm on December 9th
KimberlyMelamed writes: Candy, this is truly stunning! Once again you have put together random pieces to create a perfect semblance. Posted: 10:02 am on December 9th
junkcollector writes: What a wonderful piece! I love everything about it. A great project to do with an old window. Posted: 12:44 am on December 9th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Peer pressure works everytime, ladies! Lol. The change has been made. Thank you for the nice compliments and the helpful tips!

Gretchen ~ Can't wait to see your redo.

Candy Posted: 5:03 pm on December 8th
MimiToria writes: Candy this is such a wonderful junk redo that it should be featured in a magazine!!! However, I agree with Lani and JennyK, you need to "Move up" photo number 8 in position number 1. Just go into edit on this post and you'll easily be able to do it. It is so stunning in photo #8 with the end result showing, and the 1st photo just doesn't pull people in like they need to be. This is a fantastic project. Love it! Thanks for inspiring me with maybe my next redo over my mantle area in our bedroom. A window project of some sort.
Gretchen Posted: 4:30 pm on December 8th
fellowjunker writes: Just stunning as usual Candy!!
xojanis Posted: 4:24 pm on December 8th
CottageElements writes: Candy, I think you're last picture should be your first! I really is so impacting and really inviting. Just beautiful. Love the bulbs on the fishing line . . . and the bottles with the ornaments. You've got Christmas around the world! Thanks!

Lani Posted: 4:11 pm on December 8th
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