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January 7th, 2013 in member junk     
murphysmarket murphysmarket, member
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I know I posted the before and afters of these, but this is the pic. I was trying to find, so it showed her red toenails. I also added pretty eyelashes to her. She's a cutie. And a Diva. Ha Ha!!

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murphysmarket writes: Thank you Luv,,. I did this for a client and also did the fluffy white cat also. I think they turned out wonderful.
I did a few more items for my friends, plus I did the inside of her home. She's a very good friend. The last I saw them,, the were sitting outside in the elements again, so who knows how long they will stay in this shape. I just adore them.
By the name of your screen-name, you all didn't happen to have chickens and roosters did you? We did. My hubby is a chicken fighter from waaaaayyyyyy back. Reason being is,,,,
Gamecockchic". This one still deos not show her long eyelashes I painted on her. Thanks once again.. I think she's a bute. Like I said,, "She's a "Diva"! My client luuuvvvved her!!! hahahah!! Posted: 12:36 am on January 31st
gamecockchic writes: Great makeover!!! The next time I see these at a yard sale, I'll have to pick them up. You've given me inspiration!!!
Posted: 6:20 pm on January 15th
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