REMINDER! Times All Most Up! JUNK Swap.....2013 Edition!

January 30th, 2013 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Welcome to the JMS Junk Swap 2013
Meet my new friend and new JMS member, Mary Ann. She looks like she is ready to swap.
Heres what Mary Ann has to say to her swap partner, Carmen. I think Mary Ann and Carmen will be swapping theatrical junk or possibly something disgusting that has to do with shorthand class.
Welcome to the JMS Junk Swap 2013

Welcome to the JMS Junk Swap 2013

Do You Want to Play?: If so...and I hope you do, send me an email to no later than January 15, 2013. What Should My Email Include? 1. Subject: I'm a swapper 2. Main Text:  Real Name JMS User Name Email Address Physical Address In that order please!!! Pairings: 1.I will pair you up with another JMS member. Your partner will not neccessarily be your neighbor, but may be someone from another part of the country. 2. You will receive an email from me introducing you to your swap buddy no later than January 30, 2013. This email will incude both yours and your buddy's contact information, including your real name, JMS screen name, email address, and mailing address.  Get to Know your Swap Buddy: 1. I like to think of this swap as for junkers. Ah, hahaha! 2. Once you have received your partner information, I encourage you to get to know each other. Exchange emails or swap phone numbers and chat by phone if you wish. The object is not only to swap some junk finery, but also get to know another junker in our community. 3. During your communications share some junking stories, talk about junk you find inspiring, and set a timetable for your swap that is comfortable to both swappers. I would like however, for swappers to have their goodie package no later than February 15, 2013. Great way to celebrate Valentine's Day...don't you think?! What Type of Junk and How Do We Swap? 1. The only rule here is that the junk should be stuff in the rough ripe for re-purpose. It can be one piece, two pieces, or ten...what ever you and your partner decide. 2. The pieces should be a surprise to your partner. The better you get to know them the more thoughtful your selection will become. 3. After you have decided on your plan of attack...let the swap begin. Remember to be thoughtful and stick to your timeline. Get your stuff off to your swap buddy in a timely fashion and make sure that you let your buddy know when you have received your package.  Creative Objective: 1. This is a personal challenge! 2. After your package 'o junk has arrived it is your mission to turn whatever it may be into something that is pretty and practical for your own home. 3. Most importantly....have a blast and a half!  Posting: 1. Feel free to post your stuff in the rough if you like. If you choose to do this make sure to include the JMS name of the member who sent the package in your direction. You may want to add something nice you learned about your partner. This will help all of us get to know each other a little better 2. Once you have completed your away! Please show plenty of images from stuff in the rough, through the steps, and on to the final. Projects do not need to be difficult. My hope is that we will see a variety of projects from simple re-purposes to tool-time projects. Again, make sure to include the JMS name of your partner. Remember a thank you for the gifts you have received goes a long way. Can you tell I am a Mother?. I will be checking the boards on a daily basis and will make every attempt to feature your swap project for a time on the day it is posted. This will all depend on how many projects are posted at the same time. Please title them My Swap Project - Your JMS Name.  Trouble Shooting: 1. If you have not received your email from me by January 30, 2013, please email me at 2. If you are having difficulty communicating with your partner please let me know. Projects: If possible, I would like all posts to be up on the site no later than March 31st.  Good luck, have fun, and make a new friend!!  Happy Junking! Sue

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NellieBell writes: Is anyone else waiting for their Junk Swap Match?? I'm getting worried that I may have been missed this year. Posted: 10:07 am on February 5th
Junkpony writes: Argh, I can't believe I missed this... got such fun junk last year... Posted: 1:31 pm on February 4th
OneHippieChick writes: Sue,

I have been watching my email. I'm at
Anywhooo.... I get a ton of email. I am afraid that I missed seeing who you paired me up with. Please email me again. I emailed you on January 3rd. I so love to do the swap. It was fun last year.
Thank you,
Suzy (Susan Payne) Posted: 6:46 am on February 4th
NaturalBornJunker writes: I am so sad I missed this... It was fun last year!
Posted: 10:04 am on February 1st
suewhitney writes: Helloo...

For those of you who are looking for your junk swap partners...I took late entries so you will all have your partners on Monday. Thanks for understanding...the more the merrier!!!

Stay Warm,
Sue Posted: 5:12 am on February 1st
zazzyzee writes: Shucks! Missed the fun. I will enjoy hearing about all the neat swaps... Second hand. Oh style.. Posted: 4:02 pm on January 31st
crazymomluvsjunk writes: Please tell me I'm not to late, I would be so bummed since I started this years ago! lol Posted: 3:16 pm on January 21st
OneHippieChick writes: I did this last year and loved doing it. I love gathering treasures from my collection and trading with someone else on their treasures. I shop at good will and have some awesome finds. This was great fun last year and will be again. I'm still using the things that I received last year. Thanks for doing this again Sue. Posted: 1:43 pm on January 3rd
suewhitney writes: Way to go you two!! Jim I've already assigned you to Mary Ann.

Happy New Year!
Posted: 11:49 am on December 30th
Bec4 writes: Sounds like fun, I am in! Posted: 11:01 am on December 30th
JunkArchitect writes: I'm ready to swap when you are...!


Posted: 10:15 am on December 30th
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