A Christmas Home Tour!

December 25th, 2012 in member junk     
CottageElements Lanette Lorsung, editor
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Im at it again...and honored to show you some parts of my Holiday Home Tour 2012!
On my front porch you are greated with this uber cool old scale....given to me by a friend...thanks, Sue!  I have to say it weighs a flippin ton and she probably was tired of moving it around!  But I love it!  The wicker basket the tree sits in is vintage (which is my latest compulsion) and I decide I liked the simplicity of the tree and that it didnt need any additional embellishments.  
One of the first vintage pieces youll e greated by is this Church Hymn Sign.  I really love this piece.  It brings me back to my youth where we would sing all the old hymns in church.  Its fun to change the songs according to the season!
This is a fun idea.  Ive been collecting scale weights and I stacked them up to make great industrial style Christmas trees!
One of my little tricks.  You dont necessarily have to have Christmas items to make things look Christmas-y.  I just added Christmas balls to a few things to make them more festive.  These vintage snow shoes come out every year.  One of my favorite finds.
Here again is another favorite thing of mine, old aquariums and terrariums.  Ive put tons of different things in them.  From a grouping of collections such as door knobs to vintage planters.  This year its just a collage of miscellaneous items, including some faux snow.  
Not sure if this was for clothing or jewelry, but it works great to hold vintage and newer ornaments.  I didnt want anyone venturing downstairs during the tour, so rather than roping it off, I just placed this piece in front of the stairway.
I showed you these stove burners in my previous post.  They work awesome as stocking holders.  I guess you could call them a two-fer, or three-fer, etc., etc. as they have multiple uses!  And theyre cute to boot!  Or  should I say stockings?  Okay, bad I know!
I like to have little vignettes that have a theme to them.  As in my previous post, it was a hot chocolate bar.  This one has a time theme.  The frame is a cheap one from Ikea, a meer $1.  I use them around the house with fun little sayings.  
Nothing more festive then a grouping of vintage silver.  The vintage mirrors in the background just add to the sparkle.  And a simple ornament just adds just the right touch.  
You might have seen my post trees before, (if not, you can see them here on how to make them http://www.junkmarketstyle.com/item/2709/o-christmas-tree-o-christmas-tree).  I love using a monochromatic color scheme with the ornaments.  Most of these are vintage silver Christmas balls with a few new ones, and some clear ornaments.  I learned this tip from Sue.  Group them in groups of three on one ornament hook.  I love the look of it and it has such great impact. 
Okay, this one cracks me up.  The sign was a gift from a friend, and I just couldnt help myself!  Its behind the toilet in the main floor bath.  The cruet holder is the perfect fit for Christmas balls!
Im at it again...and honored to show you some parts of my Holiday Home Tour 2012!

I'm at it again...and honored to show you some parts of my Holiday Home Tour 2012!

My home has been on a local Holiday Home Tour for several years now, and after taking a few years off, I hopped on board and decided to join in on the fun again! I really love doing it, and I thought I'd share a few pictures of what I think are some fun and interesting parts of it.  I hope you enjoy them and I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!
Pattern or design used: My own design - Lanette Lorsung of Cottage Elements
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LloydsLandingofSears writes: I've got 2 favorites here, and they are the Church Hymns Sign and the grouping on the back of the toilet...lol. Love that sign! All are wonderful, of course. ~Mary~ Posted: 7:12 pm on January 1st
CottageElements writes: Aaaah, golly gee. Thanks y'all! Would love to have you come visit ;-) Just give me a heads up...lol! Brian, I didn't even realize almost all the pictures have silver in them! Guess it just draws me in. Guess that's why my "Pfarkel" name is Pflashy :-) Love almost anything shinny and sparkly!

Lani Posted: 9:17 pm on December 28th
suewhitney writes: Lovely as always Miss Lani!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 7:51 am on December 28th
gadgetsponge writes: Beautiful! I love the antique silver theme running through everything. Top notch as always Lanette! Posted: 7:05 am on December 27th
MacNTrash writes: Beautiful, thanks for sharing. Posted: 8:09 pm on December 26th
liongirl writes: Love it, your home is gorgeous. Posted: 8:00 pm on December 26th
georgiamoon writes: Lani,
Your home is beautiful and your displays are stunning as always. I would like a tour of your home no matter what season it is...but Christmas is pretty special!
Georgia Posted: 7:15 am on December 26th
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