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December 4th, 2008 in member junk     
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Broken child's chair from the side of the road; perfect for table legs, a vintage chalkboard & chalk -- can't keep children from grabbing it and writing!

I repaired a vintage telephone table, purchased for $3.00, painted it, distressed it and added some gorgeous Cavallini & Co. birds (cut them out of a sheet)...usually furniture doesn't get a title, but this one is:  Every Bird Speaks

Same yard sale, another vintage table, this one a steal at $5.00, amazing what black paint will do; i covered the peeling leather top with pages from a German novel, then used the book to make a nifty conversation piece (the flower holder is a coffee cup sitting into the pages carved out to contain it).  Hence, German Coffee Table book.  The wheels/casters from the table were stripped and in the drawer, I use them for a fun industrial look...a nod to german engineering and vw, you think?

Pattern or design used: My own design
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bridiemurphy writes: Hi Rose Junker:

Yes, I do sell most of my items...on Craig's List or to those persons who commission them. BUT, don't tell me you're not good at them, just start on a piece and see how you take off! That's the great part about working with junk -- I started with items procured from the sidewalk - really (Candy calls this curbside shopping!) and you can't lose. Don't worry about making a mistake...some of my best projects are happy mistakes!

Looking forward to seeing your work. Thank you for the compliments on mine.


Bridget a.k.a. Bridie Murphy Posted: 8:34 am on March 25th
rosejunker2009 writes: I loved it, all your pieces are beautiful. Do you sell these things? I'm not that good at it????? Posted: 9:17 pm on March 23rd
MaryEss writes: Wow !! Your creativity is awesome, love the little chalkboard with legs and the [coffee?] table is just an excellent idea. I just discovered this page today and can't get off it, all of you on here are so clever and creative. Posted: 11:49 am on March 2nd
SantaClaus writes: Could use chalk-board paint and design an original chalkboard! Also, could paint a checkers and/or chinese board, etc. Tie the eraser and chalk with a ribbon attached to the underside of the chair. Posted: 9:06 am on February 2nd
missartgurl writes: Wow love the table papered with pages from a book! That book is glued to the table?
Ill have to post the door I covered with a newspaper from 1927. Posted: 5:50 am on January 28th
Chovey writes: Very nice!

cynthia Posted: 7:37 pm on January 14th
bridiemurphy writes: Yes, these were on display at a studio/gallery in Georgetown, Texas. I'm going to "flea market" them this Saturday...along with other bits n pieces I've crafted over the past few months, ephemera I've been hoarding, and general junk!

Thank you for your compliment. I hope the pieces inspire you. Posted: 8:36 am on December 5th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: Beautiful work. I noticed the labels on the you sell or show them somewhere?

Amy Posted: 10:13 pm on December 4th
fellowjunker writes: Love what you did with the vintage chalkboard!!! Beautiful posts!!
xojanis Posted: 9:04 pm on December 4th
junkermidge writes: All your tables are great. We have a GW warehouse by us, too. It's only open on Fridays and everything is basically .50, but glassware is .10. Ahhh...I love Fridays. Anyway, I like the tables and all your other stuff you've posted. Keep finding those treasures.
Midge Posted: 7:27 pm on December 4th
MimiToria writes: Great recreations you've made here. Way to go. I love birds. Love the black coffee table you did. It would look great in my home. : )
Gretchen Posted: 4:22 pm on December 4th
bridiemurphy writes: Thanks, Kimberly -- the telephone table was fun to do -- the quote comes from John Audobon.

Chalkboard came from Austin's "Blue Hanger" this is a huge warehouse where stuff that doesn't sell at Goodwill goes and is dumped into bins that one then goes and sifts through for treasures such as the chalkboard!

Posted: 10:42 am on December 4th
shamrockerin writes: This is precious! I LOVE the vintage chalkboard! Where did you find it! Perfect for a little girl's room! Posted: 9:21 am on December 4th
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