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December 3rd, 2008 in member junk     
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This is my favorite window I've found and the $2.00 price tag wasn't bad either. What I really liked about this window is that it had at first been painted white. Then over the years it had been painted green and finally red. The paint chipped off just right to reveal all 3 colors. It was just SCREAMING Christmas window. So far I've added a faux pine branch and some vintage Christmas cards.  One card has just a pine branch on it, the other one shows a cabin (I can imagine this window in a cabin) and the last card just says Merry Christmas. I'm thinking about adding some little vintage animals like a squirrel or bird looking through the window like they're peeking in on someone. The other GOOD/BAD thing about this window is that the other side  had NEVER been painted. Not a drop to scrap off. It had been varnished and it is starting to wear off but the wood is beautiful. I can't decide what side to show off. They both go with my decor and I don't have room to hang it out in the open to show off both sides.

Pattern or design used: My own design
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lmt582 writes: This looks just like the window frame, no glass, that I bought at an auction for 50 cents. Most of the paint had chipped off, so I sanded the rough spots and put a sealer over it. I then took it to a local glass shop and had them back the frame with a mirror. (I had to assure them that I really did know what I was asking them to do. The guys had no imagination.) I hung it upside down, so that the little metal fixture that you would use to push the window up, is at the top of the frame. It is a built-in wreath hanger. Hanging over my fireplace mantel, it reflects the miniature lights from the wreath, the candles that are placed in front of the "mirror" and makes the room look bigger. Posted: 12:59 pm on December 4th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Perfect for the holidays! And I like Kimberly's idea about flipping it over in the spring.

Great $2.00 spent!

Candy Posted: 9:40 pm on December 3rd
KimberlyMelamed writes: Love the colors on this window! It has a perfectly aged patina. You could use this side for the holidays and then flip it for spring... Just a thought. Love the cards too! Posted: 7:30 pm on December 3rd
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