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December 3rd, 2008 in blog     
CottageElements Lanette Lorsung, editor
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This is a fun and unique store found on the main strip in Fargo, ND that carries both new and vintage items. 
Kriss LeCocq, the owner, has a wonderful sense of style mixing both old and new. 
This fabulous display features vintage reindeer on top of broken glass and stones to resemble a frozen pond.  Behind it is a white and silver sleigh filled with large silver packages.  Hanging above both is a large tree branch decorated with oversized Christmas ornaments.
This creative vignette has faux Christmas trees adorned with your regular light bulbs painted to resemble old fashioned Christmas bulbs.  How creative!
Love, love, love this display.  Who would have thunk to put a  snowmobile (or snow machine if your from Alaska) in the store!
Another wonderful display!
I found these lion statues resting in a corner.  Love the patina . . . have a said love too much?  Never!
This is a fun and unique store found on the main strip in Fargo, ND that carries both new and vintage items. 

This is a fun and unique store found on the main strip in Fargo, ND that carries both new and vintage items. 

In the true Christmas Junking Spirit, I ventured out to visit a quaint little shop in Fargo, North Dakota, called Funky Junque. Owned and operated by Kriss LeCocq, you'll find this store true to its name. Loaded with all sorts of fun and unique items for the holidays, combining both new and vintage, Kriss' displays are creative and definitely way outside of the junk box. From the 1960's Ski Doo snowmobile,  to the vintage reindeer and sleigh, to the Christmas tree adorned with your everyday light bulbs painted to resemble vintage Christmas lights, I was awed by what I saw, and I betcha’ you would be too! Sorry, just had to throw a little Fargo lingo in the mix!

Kriss carries a variety of items like large vintage windows, chippy white garden lion statues, soy candles in recycled wine bottles, clothing reminiscent of the Anthropology style and recycled jewelry. You'll find in her store something for the Junkers in all of us.

For more info check out her website at www.FunkyJunque.com.

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porcupinemamma writes: just wondering if anyone had suggestions...does anyone know of a junker road trip I could take that would start in Ontario Canada? Thanks :0) Posted: 10:17 pm on October 13th
porcupinemamma writes: Hi everyone. I'm so happy to be able to join your community. Thank you. I have a question..does anyone know of a junker road trip I could take that would start in Ontario Canada? Posted: 12:51 pm on October 4th
Nina_Julie writes: Zandbroz is not a true junk shop, but they have all kinds of neat stuff - books, jewelry, accessories, home things, goodies to eat - in an old store with great window displays (gives you ideas of what to do with your junk!). And if you go to the HoDo in the summer, be sure to have your martini up on the roof!
Julie Posted: 5:38 pm on December 5th
junkinjane writes: I was in Fargo on Sunday for the Blenders concert. There are about 15 good junking spots, and of course the best is Funky Junque. If you go be sure and shop at the Dakota Boys Ranch stores, known as DBR. The ARC has two great stores, and there are other thrift shops too. Do not forget to go to Hobby Lobby for neat stuff.

Jane Posted: 10:00 am on December 5th
CottageElements writes: I'm game for anyone who wants to go! Might be able to squeeze in a visit with my son, too! LOL. But Nina_Julie, I've never to been to either of those places you mentioned. I've heard of the Hotel Donaldson, but what is Zandbroz? Btw, to those who have not been to Fargo, it's nothing like the movie! It's awesome (just a little cold in the winter)!

Lani Posted: 12:20 am on December 5th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: Kriss is wonderful! After you posted about her store on your blog a while back, I called to ask her about some items. I can't wait to visit her in person! Thanks for sharing these photos as well. Road trip, anyone?

Amy Posted: 10:02 pm on December 4th
Nina_Julie writes: My husband & I were in Fargo this summer (again) to visit his aunt/uncle/cousins. This is a great little shop, on a street full of fun and interesting places. Did you also go to Zandbroz, and the Hotel Donaldson? We love going to Fargo! Posted: 8:01 pm on December 4th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: That window display is phenominal! I really love the vintage reindeer with the broken glass and stone. So creative.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful shop with us.


Posted: 7:31 pm on December 4th
mschuey2 writes: I met Kriss while she was visiting my shop in Buffalo. I knew her place was a must see when a quick road trip is doable.Awesome deer display!
Posted: 4:53 pm on December 4th
MimiToria writes: Looks like a fun store Lani. I will have to go on a road trip with you sometime, so that I can see. I have a neice and nephew up there, so maybe can have lunch with one of them while I'm in town.
Gretchen Posted: 4:16 pm on December 4th
junkcollector writes: If you haven't been there yet, trust me it is truly worth the trip! Kriss also did a house for the Christmas Tour of Homes and did a wonderful job-I drove to Fargo for the show just to see her work in a real home and it was even better than seeing her shop-great job Kriss!! And Kriss, if you're out there-Dave says "Hi". Posted: 2:31 pm on December 4th
suewhitney writes: Lani,

This looks like a fabulous place!! The Ski Doo is way too funny, I love when junkers show their sense of humor through decorating. One of these days I'm actually going to see the inside of this store and meet Kriss in person. Thanks for sharing this place with us and great job Kriss...I know you're out there!

Sue Posted: 8:26 am on December 4th
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