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JunkArchitect Jim Healy, editor
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A well-worn cloth measuring tape makes the perfect hinge system. Old bobbins add detail. 
Vintage dress pattern instructions, not the actual patterns, were applied to both sides of the front and back covers. A coat of poly not only sealed the paper but gave it an antique appearance.
The handle was fabricated by combining an old shoehorn, spool and sewing machine bobbin.
Vintage button sample cards from a salesman’s display adorn the back cover.
As a gift to my client I’ve included an amazing collection of ephemera and vintage fabric. 
The portfolio contains the classroom notes, tests and stitch samples of a student who attended a fashion design class in 1928...!
One of her assignments was to design a dress. Here’s the sketch and fabric swatch.
April 10, 1928...!
9.   Snaps
10. Hook and eye
11. Darning
Another sewing assignment from 1928.

The graphics on the front cover come from a 1948 children’s book (right) which was scanned, enlarged and spray mounted.
An assortment of bits & pieces make up the remainder of the embellishments.
An old Skirt Marker Ruler forms an interesting border.


Photo: Jim Healy (copyright 2012)

I was commissioned to create a portfolio to showcase the designs and sketches of a clothing/footwear designer. All the components within this piece are in some way associated with the apparel industry.

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Comments (12)

ReMadeIt writes: Amazing attention to detail as ever. Really nice idea. Posted: 9:47 am on October 14th
JunkArchitect writes: Thanks everyone for ALL the great comments...!

ela1203, the covers are made using Masonite Board. You can buy it at any one of the big home stores. All my albums are custom orders so I never have any hanging around to put on Etsy.

Thanks again,

Posted: 10:36 am on September 4th
emw1203 writes: What a fascinating mind you have....This is just so inspirational and I don't sew. I have a sewing machine, took classes and that is about it. LOL But this is giving me an idea for some herbs I dry and if I wanted to put a book together for recipes. If you read the comments, can you tell me what you used for the cover of the book? I couldn't tell what is might be. But you did such a creative book that I am sure you could sell these on Etsy or other online sites. Thanks for sharing!! Posted: 3:44 pm on August 31st
chippingcharm writes: Sooo cool...LOVE that "handle"!! Laurel Posted: 12:38 pm on August 30th
gadgetsponge writes: I think this is my favorite of your portfolio/scrapbook creations so far. Really like the graphics on the cover from the vintage book. Knocked it out of the park! Posted: 7:24 am on August 29th
Bec4 writes: I love the little extra touches, makes it a real art piece! Posted: 6:46 pm on August 28th
AtticusFinch writes: I love the old cloth tape measure and yard stick. Bits n pieces came together perfectly...
I'm sure your client is pleased...
Posted: 2:26 pm on August 28th
Junkpony writes: Wow, this is great Jim.... love the use of the tape measures and bobbins. Vintage patterns have so many uses, I've used them for lots of projects, and in place of regular tissue paper for gifts. That is one lucky client! Posted: 7:45 am on August 28th
georgiamoon writes: Jim, I am not sure but this may be one of my favorites and I don't even SEW! I just love the colors and graphics. What a fantastic job you have done....these portfolios are getting better all the time. What can you come up with next?
Georgia Posted: 7:43 am on August 28th
MakinItHappen writes: Fascinating! I have a bunch of old ephemera that was my mother's, but never figured out how to put it all together. This is a perfect way to preserve these items from the past. Posted: 7:20 am on August 28th
G writes: Jim,
This is SEW Special! Your client will enjoy this heirloom for years to come!!!!
I can't help but wonder.. what that sewing student of 1928 would think...all these years later..that her sewing assignment is actually a work of ART! I am positive that she would be tickled!


Geneen Posted: 7:02 am on August 28th
suewhitney writes: You know how I feel about fashion Mr Healy. Love this project. Way to go Jimbo!!!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 7:00 am on August 28th
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