A Couple of Repurposed Bird Feeders

August 10th, 2012 in member junk     
gadgetsponge Brian Carlisle, contributor
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I was lucky enough to run across another vintage Alvin space heater.  They make a great "shell" for a bird feeder foundation.  I decided to feed the birds with this one 180*!  The birds can feed from either side and also from the tray inside.  On the second feeder I've been thinking of ways to incorporate my old Packard hubcaps.  Finally got some inspiration for this hanging feeder with the counterweight at the bottom

Pattern or design used: My own design - Brian of GadgetSponge.com
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Comments (7)

LloydsLandingofSears writes: Super! The birds gotta love ya! ~Mary~ Posted: 11:08 pm on August 19th
CountryDesignStyle writes: I love the colors!! Posted: 10:28 am on August 18th
gadgetsponge writes: Thanks a million everyone for the generous comments! Jim, we might just have to get a picture of you eating from one taken one day! Haha. SNelson, in the pic it's hanging from my bird feeding metal post with four arms. But this model can sit on a flat surface or be mounted to one just as easily with its flat surface. Posted: 4:03 pm on August 17th
snelson4778 writes: I really like this one, though I am curious is this hanging or on a post? You always find such unique metal pieces! you must have a great pipeline!Great job as usual! Posted: 5:10 am on August 17th
rzrback writes: I love your stuff. Makes me want to go to welding school! The hub cap feeder is beautiful! Posted: 8:17 pm on August 13th
JunkArchitect writes: This birdhouse is so freaking cool that I'd even eat from it...!

Posted: 5:36 pm on August 12th
georgiamoon writes: Again! you did it again. Very nice..... your birds eat luxuriously.
Georgia Posted: 6:05 pm on August 10th
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