Old Farm Desk Do Over

July 25th, 2012 in member junk     
BillyJo BillyJo, member
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BEFORE!!. This piece was so neat the way it was but needed serious cleaning.  Some of the grunge was on there for nearly 90+ years. It wouldnt come off.  It tested positive for lead as well. It had to have a do over.
I wish I had a date on this newspaper.  It was stuck on it and into the paint for a long time.

When I saw a picture texted to me of this desk I wondered why Patty wanted it redone. Soooo cool as it was. She is one of my original customers so i took on the task. She dropped it off one day in the spring and low and behold I realized why she wanted it covered. It was used more as a counter on a porch to set egg baskets on, muddy items and the like. It had some bird droppings. It was a primitive piece that her great grandpa had made. They were farmers. The construction was of scrap wood and bent over nail construction. It tested for LEAD paint and was in need of a DO OVER. Her Grandmother painted it blue 91 years ago. A guy bought it on the family estate auction and gave it back to her. I was so glad to be another part of this history and able to help her have something to remember her family tree.

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bigdogmom1960 writes: Oh I really like the finished product. What a wonderful piece of functional history. I would adopt it in a heartbeat! Posted: 2:46 pm on July 26th
gadgetsponge writes: Beautiful mix of blue and brown. The beadboard panels are great for this desk. And to think it was handmade by her grandpa. Such history! Posted: 3:57 pm on July 25th
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