Globe Lamp and Recycled Sconce Bookend

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Globe Lamp and Found Object Bookend
Starts with a deconstructed globe.
A light coat of Gel Stain gives the globe a warmer antique tone.
I also added a coat of Gel Stain to the inside of the globe to give the shade a richer more finished look.  
Finally, I deconstructed a garage sale lamp, primed and painted the lamp and the rim of the shade with iron oxide paint, the gave both a rust patina.  After a coat of sealer, I rewired the lamp with a dark cord, added a harp and attached the shade adding a rusty disc and old finial to finish it off.  
Globe Lamp and Found Object Bookend

Globe Lamp and Found Object Bookend

The northern hemisphere of a recycled globe makes a great lamp shade or hanging lamp. Look for the southern hemisphere in a future project.  

The bookend was made from a scrap of dog-earred fence board with its original paint patina.  I had an old chippy vintage iron wall sconce.  I simply removed the wiring, chipped off the loose paint and used my stain wax to give it a wonderful patina.  There was a hole in the front of the sconce so I used a clock drawer pull that also had a hole in it and an old screw to attach the knob and sconce to the fence board.  

Pattern or design used: My own design - Sherri Spear
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gamecockchic writes: Love this! I keep looking for a globe at yard sales, thrift stores, etc. but haven't found one yet. When I do, I'm soooo copying this! :-) Posted: 5:25 pm on August 20th
LloydsLandingofSears writes: I've got to say this is the best upper atmosphere lamp I've seen yet. Love that you rusted the lamp base out to go with it. The bookend is great! ~Mary~ Posted: 7:37 am on July 20th
annebell writes: How great is that look?? I LOVE the lamp, and the bookend is pretty cool, too! Good work! Posted: 8:40 pm on July 18th
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