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June 27th, 2012 in member junk     
GypsyBarn Jasmin Marisett, contributor
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We almost have it hung ..... but the renos arent done.
Voila! The Foyer mantle! 10 railway spike coat hangers, two barnboard shelves for baskets, organization and display! And of course one big conversation piece!
Step 1 - Pick an old solid wood door. In hindsight, find one that doesnt weigh 5 bajillion pounds! Then of course colour it to match your decor. We chose to torch it and then seal it with a varnish so the soot wouldnt rub off onto our coats.
Step 2 Look around for interesting tidbits to add as decor. We chose to use the ends of a broken Ox Yoke. The rusty curved tips made for excellent chain holders between the shelves. This particular yoke is just for an example, we forgot to take pictures of the one we used for this piece (for shame I know I know)
Step 2-b - we decided to use the chain from an old chandalier that was repurposed into a bird feeder :) Spray painted the hooks and chain black to match the rustic feel of the torched wood. We simply used rust-o-leum spray paint and primer
The hooks and chains close up
Of course, we drilled the proper holes for the railway spikes to be sunk into the bottom of the door for use as coat hangers. Primed and spray painted them to match and they were attached.
We almost have it hung ..... but the renos arent done.

We almost have it hung ..... but the renos arent done.

Ladies and gentlemen, one very large, very heavy rustic foyer mantle! This baby is currently waiting to be purchased, so she wasn't mounted to have her photo shoot. (sorry Mr.Deville, she's not ready for her close up)
Given her weight, she needs to be countersunk into the wall and attached to some studs. But I'm sure shes happy knowing that even with her weight problem, she'll permanently attached to a few studs for life! (*snort snort*)
We forgot one little photo - instead of L Brackets to hold the shleves up - we used stair bannister brackets. They were black and fit perfectly underneath the 200 year old shelving.
The colouring was done by a torch. Middle of a heat wave, I was out there torching her all black. It was of course the BEST time to choose to do this project!
All in all, it was a very labour intensive project, but she turned out to be just FAB-U-LOUS! Well we think so ..... :)

Pattern or design used: My own design - Gypsy Barn Foyer Mantle
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JunkArchitect writes: Wow...what a beautiful distressed finish!

Posted: 10:11 am on July 2nd
annebell writes: That's just cool! I really like this!
I also love the railroad spikes. All I'm doing with mine right now is sticking them in our flower beds to keep the dog from laying on the flowers! Posted: 12:32 pm on June 28th
chippingcharm writes: Agree...fabulous! The "extreme" conditions always make the end result more satisfying...don't they? Atleast that's what I tell myself...and my husband ;) Laurel Posted: 5:45 am on June 28th
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