Upcycled Desk Made From Dismantled Piano Parts

March 22nd, 2012 in member junk     
gadgetsponge Brian Carlisle, contributor
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After completely dismantling the piano, I decided to use the legs and the surface board that the piano keys rested above.
Here is the piano parts reassembled before completely sanding everything.  You see the traditional, original piano finishes.
And here is the initial structure after completely sanding everything.
After cutting the solid wood board, I centered it, glued it and clamped it down around the center overnight with some initial screws drove into key points from underneath.
A jump ahead and here are the pieces to the complete desk to come.  I created some side cubby/shelf pockets for each side.  I also brought into the mix an old wooden carpenters level and the old solid wood pieces from a screw clamp.  The pieces at this point have been roughed up, rust stained and sanded to be ready for final installation.
All the pieces are put together and everything is installed for the long haul at this stage.  Now it was time for the paste wax application and a TON of elbow grease!
The paste wax is rubbed in and burnished as much as its going to allow.  Now, it was off to weave it through the halls and into my sons bedroom...
In its new home is the desk with all tools at the ready for a son in highschool.  
After completely dismantling the piano, I decided to use the legs and the surface board that the piano keys rested above.

After completely dismantling the piano, I decided to use the legs and the surface board that the piano keys rested above.

I had the great fortune to be able to dismantle an piano manufactured in the 1940s/50s. Dont' throw rocks yet!! It was beyond repair and some of the keys didn't even work. But the parts were just fine for me! After completely taking everything apart, I knew I had several nice pieces to create several upcycled, new pieces. I wanted to first start with creating a desk for our son's redecorate room with a rustic/industrial vibe. I decided to use the four piano legs and the main piano platform surface that the keys sat above. The rest of the details are with each photo...

Pattern or design used: My own design - Brian GadgetSponge
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geegeeburr writes: Love it! Posted: 11:40 am on April 14th
Funky_Junk_Donna writes: Oh wow... I'm blown away. You've truly come up with an incredible new piece... the legs are AMAZING.

Beautifully executed!

Donna Posted: 12:08 pm on March 25th
weatheredtreasure writes: That is so neat. You really put alot of effort into the piece. I love it! Posted: 9:47 am on March 23rd
jerserypickerbro writes: This is awesome.i like the use of what i think was a old chip rack. Posted: 6:52 am on March 23rd
JunkArchitect writes: Brian, I can see how much effort you put into creating this desk but it was well worth it! What an absolutely beautiful piece...AMAZING!

Posted: 4:42 am on March 23rd
DecorMadeSimple writes: Great upcycle! I love the distressed finish. Posted: 8:43 pm on March 22nd
BlueBarnBird writes: B- OND Fantastic. LOVE this. Im ready for a new desk in my office and this is perfect. Posted: 7:26 pm on March 22nd
gadgetsponge writes: That's so much everyone! It definitely was a labor of love. The paste wax was just the standard Minwax paste wax with no color tinting. Posted: 7:16 pm on March 22nd
snelson4778 writes: Very Nice job! I have been looking for an old piano in disrepair, years ago I took one apart and guided my then young daughter to create an art piece that won some awards but luckily now hangs in my living room. anyway your desk is lovely!
Suzanne Posted: 5:45 pm on March 22nd
CottageElements writes: OMG, Brian! That table is soooo cool! Love all the different elements in the piece. It must have taken a lot of love and elbow grease (the sanding along must have been a project), but I adore the patina on it! Amazing job!

Lani Posted: 4:16 pm on March 22nd
MakinItHappen writes: Very, very nice! What kind of paste was do yo use? Posted: 2:21 pm on March 22nd
annebell writes: Please come dismantle my piano! Wow! What a GREAT desk! The shelves were an awesome addition, and I love that you put that level on the back. Posted: 1:56 pm on March 22nd
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