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After picture -- after all the hard work. But it was worth it!
Side view. The chair was structurally sound. The original material was in remarkably good condition. No holes or tears. Several stains, but they were successfully covered by the paint.
Back view. Not sure if you can see in the photo, but the original design of the fabric gives the impression of a brochade.
This is a picture of the bottom of the chair which shows the fabric before I painted it. You can see the multi-colors and hopefully the texture. It was greens, golds, tans, etc.
After picture -- after all the hard work. But it was worth it!

After picture -- after all the hard work. But it was worth it!

I've been reading on the internet about painting upholstery. I really wanted to try it, but being skeptical of the outcome waited to find the right piece. You know the kind, something that if you skrew it up, it really doesn't matter. Anyway, found the barrel back vintage chair and thought this may be the lucky little gal to get a makeover. Nothing to lose, but a little elbow grease. I followed the directions and voila. Don't skip any of the steps if you decide to do it. Directions say to use a fabric medium with latex or acrylic paint. I couldn't find the medium, but researched substitutes and they say you can use clear aloe vera -- it worked like a charm. It feels somewhat like canvas and looks like a brochade. Pictures don't show how pretty it is actually. I also sanded and restained the woodwork and sealed it with polyeuothane.

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geegeeburr writes: What an amazing idea! Posted: 1:32 am on April 15th
Olivers_Oma writes: Here's a great link that explains in great detail how to do this. Pictures help explain the process.

Just a few tips from me though.

1. It takes time because after painting, you need to make sure it's dry -- then you need to sand. I know that sounds crazy to sand upholstery, but you do need to do this step. Don't go nuts just lightly sand to take nubbins off.

2. Use a spray bottle and spritz your fabric with water to make it nice and damp before painting.

3. The first two coats I used the mixture with latex paint. The last coat, I used the mixture with acrylic. The acrylic has much more pigment in it and is a great final coat.

Hope this helps.
Posted: 6:56 am on March 1st
warmdog writes: Can you give us a link to the directions? Great idea!!! Love it. Posted: 6:00 am on February 29th
rurality writes: Amazing! I want to go look for a chair just so I can try it! Posted: 1:28 pm on February 25th
BlueBarnBird writes: Oh my gosh I just sold a chair like this on Craigs List and NEVER thought to paint it. It was Brown and I did not want to tackle redo of the fabric. PAINT!! What a great idea!!
I wish I had that chair back now!!! Posted: 11:43 am on February 25th
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