2nd Annual JUNKMARKET Under Glass....March Madness Event

February 28th, 2012 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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This sign has been with me so long now...Its vintage! Like my junk sign this show is awesome. I am so honored and delighted to work amongst such talented and lovely individuals. Come see us and have some fun!!!
A few fun photos from last years event. Everyone found beautiful things and had a great overall experience.
Beautiful altered art from Stones Throw. Stunning!
Kari of Shabby Chick is rocking the house!
Sherry from Shop Around the Corner is all ready to go. How cute is this?! One of the best things about this show is how warm and friendly the dealers are. Sherry pitched in to help her neighbors get ready after she was finished. Collaboration makes the world go round!
The happy girls from Mamas Happy,, their neighbor Sherry from Shop Around the Corner, and a couple little budding junkers in training. Set up underway! Cant wai to see it when its finished. I know it will be awesome!
Darling Judy from Rhubarb Co. has pulled out a whole new look. This is just one of her many claims to fame. You never know what to expect, but you always like it!!
The kids from Antiques Down town in Elk River are pulling it all together. I already spied som fabulous pieces from them. Cant wait!!
Laurel, Joan, and Larry join forces to create one great look!
The jewelers are back! I think this show has the best group of jewelry designers under one roof! This picture is from Mimi Torias Designs. Charming as always!
DeDes is in the greenhouse. Youll see great style from this little lady!
Artisans are in the house too! These from Elegant Treasures and All things Inspired. LOVE!
This sign has been with me so long now...Its vintage! Like my junk sign this show is awesome. I am so honored and delighted to work amongst such talented and lovely individuals. Come see us and have some fun!!!

This sign has been with me so long now...It's vintage! Like my junk sign this show is awesome. I am so honored and delighted to work amongst such talented and lovely individuals. Come see us and have some fun!!!



    Under Glass 

March 1, 2 & 3, 2012

Otten Bros. greenhouse will once again be hoppin' this coming March. Yep!  That's right....we're baaack!  And we're once again bringing you all your favorite vendors and vintage finds, while being able to shop in a warm and inviting greenhouse! Now how fun is that!

Otten Bros. Garden Center and Landscaping is located at 2350 West Wayzata Blvd, Long Lake MN. JUNKMARKET Under Glass hours will be start Thursday at 8-10am with Early Bird Shopping.  Beat the crowd and get the great buys before anyone else.  Remember, the early bird gets the worm!  Early Bird Shopping admission is $20 which is good for all three days!  Regular shopping hours start Thursday from 10am-6pm, Friday and Saturday 10am-5pm. Regular Admission is $5 for each day.
Here are your very talented and delightful vendors! I'm not talking about me...I'm talking about the rest of them!

          Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET
"Queen Bee of Junking" 
Editor-in-Chief and Founder of JunkMarket Style
Sue's Website: JUNKMARKETStyle

I am the baby of six children and you know what that means. I grew up with a lot of gently used stuff. Ah,hahaha! After going through five children and finally landing at my door step the hand-me-downs looked a little more like junk. I guess that’s when the love affair began! In order to be stylish, I had to learn how to do a little “snip-tuck” on boy’s jeans to make them work for me, I had to learn how to remake boys’ toys into something a little girl might like to play with, and deal with my play room better known as the garage. I got into all sorts of creative trouble in there…my Dad’s golf clubs were never playable again, but they sure looked great when he opened up his Father’s Day gift of bookends made from his “brand spanking new” woods. Ooopsie, doops! They told me the garage was fair game. It‘s the thought that counts, right?! My childhood cemented my future. I may have strayed a bit here and there, but I have always felt most comfortable with items that have a story to tell. Stories are what make a house a home.

Lanette Lorsung
"Industrial & Industrious"
Senior Editor on JMS & Vendor
Lanette on JUNKMARKET Style
Lanette's website: Cottage Elements 

I've been a lover of old things since a child. My dad collected old signs, clocks, radios, furniture as long as I can remember so I think its an inherited trait. My tastes have evolved over the years, from strictly old to a mix of both. But I love old things and love to think about who originally owned the item. I tend to lean towards industrial or architectural elements, rusty or chippy items.  I have my own business, Cottage Elements, where I consign my goods at  a few local shoppes.  You can find me as a contributor on the JUNKMARKETStyle and on my Cottage Elements blog.

Heidi Comfort-Davis
"Designer to the Stars", & Vendor 
Heidi's website:  Heidi Comfort
Heidi on facebook:  Heidi Comfort

Tailor, custom shirt designer to the stars and now handbag maker. Heidi Comfort's work continues to evolve. After years in Los Angeles making one-of-a-kind shirts for the likes of Robert Redford, Nick Nolte and the late Johnny Carson, she has parked her sewing maching in this charming little shop just off Lake Street where she displays her growing collection of handcrafted handbags. Styles run the gamut from colorful woven totes to sumptuous calfskin. At once rugged and chic, you'll understand why her bags are quite popular in Colorado.  While Heidi is having fun making handbags, she can be persuaded to make a shirt from time to time - not just for celebs.

Tracie and Lee Anderson
Industrial Enthusiasts & Vendors
Lee & Tracie's website:  Histories
Lee & Tracie's facebook Page:  Histories

Histories is an offering of home accessories and furniture. Bits and parts of diverse background uses are blended to create pieces that we hope will tickle you. Each piece has its own story to tell. Please take the time to look with your eyes, feel with your hands and listen to your heart, then you will know which piece belongs in your home. We are motivated by our love of architectural, industrial and primitve elements.

Gretchen Schaumann
Gem of a Jeweler & Vendor
Gretchen on JUNKMARKET Style
Gretchen's website: Mimi-Toria's Designs

I am a wife, mother, and an artisan.  I have spent the last 13 years passionately building Mimi-Torias’ Designs, my jewelry business.  I design with an eclectic array of materials made from creative design elements such as vintage jewelry, pocket watches, vintage crystals and beads, skeleton keys, semi-precious gemstones, unique treasures, and a sprinkling of a few modern finds. My unique design style makes my jewelry truly one-of-a-kind, and many of my pieces are heirloom quality.  You can see my designs on  JUNKMARKETStyle, where I am a contributor. I sell through my blog at Mimitoria's Designs, at juried artisan events in Minnesota, and at a few local shops.

Julie Pierce
 Ever Evolving Style & Vendor
Julie's Website:  The Loft on 2nd 

Growing up I can remember my mother constantly changing our home decor.  And as they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and I have definitely followed in her footsteps. Not one to let any grass grow under my feet, I consider myself a mover and a shaker. My house is contantly evolving, from the ever changing of my wall colors, to my furniture and wall art. I love a mixture of style, from retro to contemporary. I also remember my mother, who is a true artist in every since of the word, creating beautiful pieces of artwork. I have also followered after her in this aspect, but have combined it with my love for repurposing and restoring vintage finds into eclectic designs.  I fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine by opening up my own store called The Loft on 2nd in Anoka, Minnesota in September of 2010.  It was a journey I will never forget, but have since moved on to new indevours in the industry.  Stay tuned for future chapters!

Annie de Jongh
 Modern Day Hunter/Gatherer & Vendor
Annie's website: Grace and Corazon

I'm the oldest of 3, a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter...I love old things, and rusty things, and things in need of rescue...I guess I'm a modern day hunter-gatherer. I'm inspired by what has been pushed aside and forgotten, pieces with history and the well worn. I'd rather be at a garage sale, thrift store, or auction pawing through junk to find my next inspiration than anywhere else. With my jewelry I hope to do many things including create soulful pieces, add whimsy and bring the past into the present. Most of my pieces are created with antique European medals, upcycled leather and semi-precious stones. Hopefully with my intent Grace & Corazon brings an eclectic line of jewelry that is quirky and fun rather than serious and predictable! I truly love what I do, and hope you will too!
Julie Broshat
 Belt Buckle Embellisher & Vendor
Julie's website: Julz

I’m from a family of 6 (4 brothers and a “sista”), wife, mom to 3 boys (one already in college and my twin babies head off in the fall…boo-hoo!). I’ve been putz-ing with art for years. When the boys were little we always had a project going. As they got older and didn’t want to make snowman garland, sculpted masks (I still have them displayed and LOVE them), and greeting cards I started coming up with my own projects. That eventually led me to embellishing belt buckles. I’ve always worn belts (needed to for the gaping back of my jeans…you know what I mean???)...but they were pretty basic. I love any and all accessories and thought, “why not make a buckle a statement piece”! And that was the start of it. I now embellish all sorts of buckles with many different materials…old hardware, other metals, old jewelry and gemstones, rhinestones, and anything else I can find! Each buckle is an original and totally unique. I LOVE what I do…just wish I had more time to create!!!

Laurel Putman
Charming Junker & Vendor
Laurel on JUNKMARKET Style
Laurel's Website:  Chipping with Charm

I have a passion for decorating, collecting and repurposing all things chippy, rusty and crusty…hence, the name of my little business “Chipping with Charm”. I sell a little bit of “this and that”…basically whatever I can get my hands on to embellish with crystals, chippy hardware or old keys. At the moment I am loving projects with sheet music and old book pages…but really nothing is “off limits” once an idea hits. I think pretty soon my sweet husband is going to put a lock on the garage door before another one of his rusty hinges or old tools gets a new life as a flower or picture holder. What can I say? I just can’t stop myself…

I have the joy of selling my wares here and there as well as the honor of sharing my ideas as a Contributor on JUNKMARKET Style.
Cindi Halvorson and Barb Verhey 
 Beautiful Garden Creator & Vendor
Cindi's website: The Nature of It

I've been a dealer in Minnesota for the past 20+ years. In the past few years I've had my own store, 'THE NATURE OF IT', which is located in the historic river town of Carver, MN. It is an occasional shop open only 3 days monthly. It is a garden-influenced shop specializing in Architectural elements, original Primitive furniture, Antique Garden, old Industrial, and much more!  Joining will be my friend Barbara Verhey of Delano, MN. She is a very respected dealer featuring primitives, antique folk art and garden antiques. She also does many shows and sales. You can visit The Nature of It's website for upcoming sale dates & store hours. 

Marge Utley
 Seamstress, Carhop & Vendor
Marge's website:   Emma’s Nook & Granny

Even though I sewed through my fingernail at the age of six (Mom never should have said, “… and don’t touch the treadle sewing machine.”), I developed a love of sewing just a few short years later. At 16, I worked as a carhop the entire summer to buy my very own sewing machine. A few machines later, I am still sewing, often using vintage textiles, grain sacks, and worn out jeans. In addition, I enjoy a good treasure hunt. I gravitate towards a simple look, rusty and chippy, worn and well-loved with plenty of character. I offer a blend of vintage, repurposed, restyled and handmade one-of-a-kind treasures you are sure to love.

Beth Ramsey and John Condon
Restorers of the Rusty and Crusty & Vendors
Beth and John’s facebook page: Antiques Downtown

We have been junkers for many years. Together we have combined our talents at Antiques Downtown working to please our customers. We like working with crusty, rusty and worn out items, renewing life back into them. We love the hunt and are constantly on the go scrounging for just the right things to create with.  Many of our ideas and creations are displayed at the store in Elk River.  Besides selling at Antiques Downtown, we enjoy participating at juried shows and occasional sales throughout the year.

Pfarkel Sisters of Junk{re}defined
Curbside Junkers & Vendors
The Pfarkel's website:  Junk {re} defined

Three sisters growing up together in rural SE MN. As teenagers and young adults we junked, recycled and repurposed because we had to; now we do it because we enjoy it. The hunt is great fun, reworking an item for a new purpose really gets our creative juices flowing and then sharing the finished product with other junkers and shoppers gives us our final reward!  We enjoy junking for an eclectic mix (we are great curbside pickers) chippy white or chippy whatever the color, farm country, cottage garden and other misc vintage items. You can find us at junkredefined.blogspot.com.
Cheryl and Woody Woodward
Corporate Junkers & Vendors
Cheryl and Woody’s blog: Junk Devotion

We are from rural families and have always appreciated old treasures and the stories behind them. Our love of junking started with the things we inherited from parents and grandparents. Creating new things from old items is enjoyable and sparked our interest to sell our products. Flea markets, auctions and garage sales are our favorite sources. Sometimes donations are left in our yard and other times we get calls to come pickin’!

With corporate careers we find “junking” our way to relax with a purpose and leave that world behind us. The thrill of the hunt, that “AH HA” moment when we get an idea and seeing the final result get put to good use are very satisfying to both of us. We have two children that are not sure what we are up to but we love them dearly!
Devin Johnson
Salvage Artist & Vendor
Devon's Business:  MakeShift Accessories
I have been taking things apart since I was a little kid. My parents would give me old and broken things to disassemble and explore. I have been collecting odds and ends ever since. Finally over the last few years, I figured out how to put things together and create wearable art and other accessories. I strive to tell a story about humanity with every piece I create, and feel any artistic endeavor should be environmentally friendly and sustainable. I accomplish all of this by using a variety of recycled, salvaged, antique, and found materials from all corners of my life. To me, each material is a unique artifact, and I choose those that are beautiful not only for their colors and textures, but also for their historical and technological significance. I bring these characteristics, which are often very mechanical and industrial, to the surface, and release the energy of each artifact’s past life as I re-work it into the finished piece.

Don Hutchings
Junkyard Artist & Vendor
Don's Website:  Junk FX

Don Hutchings knows that art is important to everyone's life. And since the age of 13 he has been making it to share with the world. Don grew up in a junkyard owned by his father, where he discovered a passion for iron sculpture and glass work. Initially he was producing both at the same time. But due to competition from importation, and the stress of maintaining operations he dedicated himself to iron work. Thus, Black Crow Forge was born.

Jolie Raimondo and Linda Moraal
Artistic women & Vendor
Jolie and Linda's Websites:  Jolie Raimondo and Northwoods Boutique

Jolie and Linda are two friends linked together by art and creativity. Their mutual interest in giving new life to old things has forged a fabulous friendship.

Jolie is a decorative painter who's style ranges from folk to french country. She paints furniture, landscapes, animal portraits and more. She lives on a hobby farm in Waverly with her husband Gaston and her two children, Lucas and Olivia.

Linda is a potter, painter, quilter, gardener, junker, teacher, a "Jack of all trades" kind of gal. She has owned Northwoods Boutique with a partner for 12 years. She lives in Minnetonka with her husband Arie.

Judi Shackelford
Ever Changing Color and Style, & Vendor
Judi's Business:  Rhubarb Co. Store

Hi! Where else can you have so much fun and meet such great people? Rhubarb Co. Store has been located in so many terrific places and it just keeps getting better. Interior Design is my background but junking has captured my heart! We have a place up north where I find lots of interesting, funky pieces with soul. I don't have one style I adhere to, there's just to many amazing treasures out there to be stuck with one look, so Rhubarb just keeps evolving. Now it's garden, Boho, lots of color, makes you happy, bring it on!

Kari Blackwood
Purveyor of All Things Garden and Chippy, and Vendor
Kari's Business:  Shabby Chick

About six years ago, I loved going to occasional sales, antique shops and flea markets so much, that I decided to start selling, too. Thus, the Shabby Chick was born. My favorite vintage finds include just about anything that’s galvanized, rusty, crusty, chipped or white or a combination of those characteristics. Please visit my booth, where you’ll find, among many other things, a selection of fun and funky tables and architectural items I’ve converted to unique garden or lawn décor. You can find me every month for four days at Haupt Antiek Market in Apple Valley, MN. My husband, Todd, and I live in Rosemount and have two children – 18-year-old Haylee and three-year-old Reid.

Larry Moore
Empty Nester, Junker and Vendor

My wife Cindy and I began collecting old things, as something to do together, when our last child went off to college. When the barn became full of antiques and junk, we held our first Spring Country Junk Sale. It was such a hit with the local Junk community, we were prompted to do it again. We held a Fall Country Junk Sale in October and included the pumpkins, ornamental vegetables and apples we grow on our small farm. Five years ago, health issues forced me to retire from my position as an Immunochemist. With more time, I began using woodworking skills, learned from my cabinet maker father, to create "Country Junk Originals" from junk, and recycled lumber, to sell at our Country Junk Sales. Our newest venture is Country Junk Farm Winery. With our vintner Christian McCalla, we've been establishing vineyards, developing fruit blends and plan a tasting at an upcoming Country Junk Sale.

Colleen Rausch and Cassie Smith
Mother and Daughter Dynamic Duo and Vendors
Cassie and Colleen's Businesses:  Stones Throw and Sassy Cass
Cassie's Website:  SassyCass

A mother and daughter duo. . .starting back in 2005 with Colleens shop Stones Throw Antiques. We each went on to separate endeavors for a while, and are now selling together again at The Porch and Atelier.

Cassie: Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been in pursuit of a greener lifestyle . . . so, it’s no surprise that I have a love for finding and redesigning vintage jewelry. My passion for music, art, and old elements give me inspiration to create beautiful one of a kind designs. Some of my favorite finds are old lockets, vintage lucite flowers, pearls, and of course old rhinestones. . . I think I’ve found my niche!

Colleen: I’ve always had a love for art, music and old things with great patina. My junking history started when my children were young and living on a small budget. In order to decorate my home I had to buy furniture second hand, fix, paint, and restyle. Such fun giving new life to old pieces that I was hooked!! This all led to selling in several shops and eventually having my own for 3 yrs, then moving on to selling at large market events. I love staging, my friends say I have a talent for setting a “mood” in my spaces. I’m drawn to architectural elements, French style, urban farm, industrial and anything with crystals! This kind of stuff just makes my heart soar! Artistic endeavors: Designing junk art and paper art! My small business name is Stones Throw. You can also find me on my daughters BlogSpot.
Sara Swanson
 Fantastic Stylist, Robot-ist & Vendor
Sara's Business:  Minnesota Robot Co.

I am a mother of 3 adorable children, owner of a hair salon, and was born with the creative gene. So I was thinking, what can I create with all my spare time? That’s when Minnesota Robot Co. became my new project. It has been an exciting outlet for my imagination. Finding all sorts of cool junk and vintage components to make my one of a kind “Minn-Bots” has been so fun. My husband has even let me invade his garage for the construction of these unique conversation pieces. Can’t wait to join the JUNKMARKET event to show you all I do.

Sherry Nielson
Creativing Colorful & Quirky Vintage, & Vendor
Sherry's Website:  theshoparoundthecorner.info
Sherry's facebook Page:  The Shop Around the Corner  

It's a lovely thing when two worlds collide, old and new, to create a cozy warm home. What girl doesn't want a soft comfortable place to fall after being out in the world all day...I do~!  What started out as a check off my bucket list, has now transformed into a true love and appreciation of "quirky vintage" and all things repurposed~!  I was trying to leave a smaller footprint on the world, push myself to re-use and upcycle as much as possible. This naturally spilled over into my self~employed 'other" life and away I went~!

Anne Davidson
 "Vintage yet Modern" Jewelry Designer & Vendor
Anne's facebook Page:  Anne & Friends

A collage artist at heart, my line of jewelry reflects my desire to “mix thing up”. It’s often referred to in the art world as assemblage. As with all mixed up designs, many of the objects that I use are recycled, repurposed, vintage and/or found. They may show signs of their past lives. They may have some discoloration or a patina from age. These imperfections are what make the jewelry come alive and reflect the hand crafted nature of each piece. Metals are mixed and my include copper, brass, sterling silver or plated silver or gold. EARWIRES ARE ALWAYS STERLING SILVER

Becky Hiatt and Jenny Boevers
Charming Up Things Cast Aside & Vendors
Becky & Jenny's Website: Junk.Revised

"You guys are nuts!" We hear this often...and yup...in the eyes of many, that sums us up. But little do they know with every accusation of craziness our motivation multiplies!

We love all things junk...we can't help it and we can't get enough...auctions, garage sales, dumpsters, side of the road...doesn't matter...we love it all. We have a passion for taking things cast aside and breathing life back into them. Mother/daughter duo each with their own talents...combined it works great. Earlier this year we decided to take our love for junk to the next level and junk.revised. was born. It's been a year of utter fun. We have learned so much and have loved every step of it. We have an eclectic, often quirky side and we LOVE color. We can't wait to show you what we have to offer...visit our booth at JMUG! For sneak peeks, follow us at www.junkrevised.blogspot.com. 

Amy Grillo-Lee & Ann McCue
“Bringing a Smile in Every Pile” & Vendor
Amy & Ann's Business:  Pickin & Grinnin

As longtime friends and partners in junk, we are the creative team behind “Pickin & Grinnin”. We are huge fans of all things weathered and worn and we hope our one of a kind creations will speak to you the way they speak to us! We love the challenge of coming up with new pieces for home and garden using treasures from our ever changing pile of “rough stock”.

Stop by and check out our unique creations as well as our supply of “finds” for your own projects! When it comes to all things junk, our motto is: “Go There”!!

Laura Purcell
Creative Candle Recycler & Vendor 
Laura's Business:  Champey Soy Candles

Deep in the jungle of Guatemala lies a magical collection of waterfalls that cascade into shallow emerald and turquoise pools called “Semuc Champéy”. Having visited these “sacred waters” on a backpacking adventure with my brother a few years back, I am reminded of the connection I experienced with these pristine waters and time spent with family. It is with this vision in mind that Champéy Soy Candle Company was born. I choose only to use the renewable resource of natural Soy Wax for my candles as well as Recycled or Repurposed containers. Soy candles are naturally biodegradable; helps support farmers and economic growth, longer burning, clean burning and non-toxic. When you are finished burning the candle, you can simply wash out the soy wax with soap and water and I can re-pour another candle, or you can reuse the container yourself! I hope you enjoy burning these candles as much as I enjoy making them.

Lisa Greene
Transformer of Discards into Something Beautiful, & Vendor
Lisa's Business: The Wren's Nest

I searched Minnesota for wild flowers, grasses and fallen wood…traveled across county and into Mexico, stopping wherever things looked interesting…gathering discards to transform into something beautiful to sell and share…I am inspired by the things I find and the challenge to re-create them into something to cherish. A passion since I was small, absorbed from two creative parents, I went from Puppet Shows in the Park, to wreaths and potpourri at local markets, my own shops in Colorado and Maryland, and then The Wren’s Nest in Anoka. I love to figure out how to do it…what I can do to make it prettier….that’s what warms my heart.

Tammy Rice
Self-Taught Recyling Artist, & Vendor
Tammy's Website: Stonyhill & Companies

Hi, my name is Tammy Rice.  I am a self-taught artist from Minnesota.  I enjoy taking discarded or used materials and recycling them into distinctive new creations.  My collections are made from various discarded inner tubes & found objects.  Currently I am using tractor, dump truck, automotive, pedal bike & motorcycle tubes.  Each piece is hand-designed and is recycled from used and discarded to the opposite spectrum, to keep you and our planet beautiful.

Nathan and Laura Murphy
 Ever Evolving Style & Vendor
Laura's Website:  Renew My Home

Nathan: After 20 years in the remodeling business, I am now a self-employed carpenter. My latest inspiration came about when I noticed the wealth of old pianos on the market. I knew I could make something useful out of them. The first one got a fantastic response from Laura's blog and facebook. My latest projects include mantels and accessories from old barn beams.

Laura: I was born to decorate. I adore any job or hobby that lets me dream up solutions to problem interiors. Limited funds do not bother me. The smaller the budget, the bigger the creativity.
Leslie Mullin
 Pocket Book Perfectionist & Vendor
Leslie's Business:  Elegant Treasures

I was trained as a fashion designer and worked in the garment industry in LA 23 years. I retired to take care of my 3 children, all boys!! We moved to MN 7 years ago and I needed to do something girlie and creative and came up with Pocket-Books purses by accident one day. I love books and everything vintage and the two seemed to marry so well together. My father has been a junker junkie all his life and I think I inherited the gene from him. I love to create things from the unexpected and see the smiles on people’s faces when they look at my products and I hear all of their stories as they recall the past and how much they loved a certain book or a game.

Erin Williams
  Clean and Green Creator & Vendor
Erin's Website:  Suds!
Erin's Facebook Page:  Suds!

I started suds!™ Bath and Body in November, 2010. After graduating college with a bachelors in Chemical Engineering and working in the corporate world for several years, I decided that corporate life wasn't for me. I worked for almost 4 years in a large company developing new food products, and although I enjoy it, I didn't agree with all of the highly processed foods that I had to develop.

I like to stay active and eat healthy and one day I realized how conscious I was about the food that I put in my mouth, but so unconscious of the chemicals that I put on my body in the form of soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, etc. I started to take a look at the ingredients in the skin care products I was using (I urge you to do the same)...and it was scary!  I also didn't like how so many products on the market claim to be "natural" but really aren't. You won't find artificial preservatives, harsh detergents, synthetic colors or fragrances in any suds!™ products. They contain only the finest essential oils, natural colors, butters and oils. As you can see, most of our products are in solid form which eliminates the need for artificial preservatives.

Lori Gravink
Daring Designer & Vendor
Lori's website: Ladeeda Designs

“Ladeeda, ladeeeda…” Diane Keaton as Annie Hall, 1977 - Ladeeda Design grew from my love of textiles, vintage wear and the movie, “Annie Hall” Diane Keaton’s portrayal of Annie Hall was fashion forward for 1977. Her funky and eclectic style included designer wear, men's ties, flirty skirts and cowboy boots. It was and still is fabulous!

I’m an artist, designer, stylist, and an ever evolving rogue. I’ve been known to refer to myself as “Ladeeda” and it’s my customers that inspire me. Ladeeda Design features one of a kind clothing, vintage and upcyled wear, handbags and today’s new and gently used designer fashions. You can track the travels and adventure of Ladeeda Design on her blog, local trunk show and events and select retailers.

Joan Simpson
"Sign, Signs, Everywhere Signs" & Vendor
Joan on facebook:  Signs of the Times

I am the youngest of 6 and grew up going to garage sales, auctions and "shopping" on Fridays(garbage day)! It's the thrill of the hunt :) About 5 years ago I made a sign for a gift and I haven't stopped making them. I love words and numbers and put them on pillows, fabric, junk, wood, anything. My little hobby has turned into "Signs of the Times". I look forward to seeing you at the JUNKMARKET Show!

Amanda Ficek
Chief Mama & Vendor
Amanda on facebook:  Mama's Happy

I opened my occasional shop with a vision of building a place for creative Mamas to gather. The name Mama’s Happy was born out of that desire, cuz everybody knows “when mama’s happy, everybody’s happy”. A short 18 months later, we’ve grown to a group of 10 women who share a love of all things vintage, repurposed, upcycled & handcrafted. We inspire & encourage one another, and hope to do the same for you! Mama’s Happy…occasionally open, always fabulous.

Kristin Cude and Cindy Graves
The Southern Belle with her Sidekick, & Vendor
Kristin and Cindy's website: Bootsy McFarland Studio  
Kristin and Cindy on facebook:  Bootsy McFarland Studio

On our first junk trip we over heard a store clerk refer to us as the southernbelle and her sidekick. When you speak with Cindy you will clearly see she is definitely the Belle as you hear her charming southern tone and see how it manifests in her design. I the "sidekick" on the other hand tend to veer the other direction. I obsess over metal, masculine, big, and industrial pieces. If it's broke I can fix it...or at least I think I can:) Our tastes are very different, but that's the beauty in our junk situation. It's a cool fusion of her cottage chic style and my heavy metal tendency. When we break free from our full time jobs, watch out, we can make a beautiful mess!

Lulu's  Upcycling
The Fashionista Recycler, & Vendor
Lulu's website: Lulu's Upcycling Lounge  
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Upcycling is not only an art form, but it has also become a way of life. I look at my trash in a whole new light... thrift stores become my number one place to shop... and my donation pile now becomes my art supplies. I first started making upcycled goods a number of years ago because I simply wanted to create. I used to wish that I grew-up in one of those families that made their own clothes... or spent my summer days at my grandmother's heels as she taught me the wise old ways of the handmade world. I was in awe of people who could make things. Then it dawned on me, why can't I do it too? I decided to buy myself a sewing machine (used of course) and have a go. Next I learned how to knit and crochet, and I was on my way! Eventually I started to build up quite an inventory of my finished projects, and thus Lulu's Upcycling Lounge was born. I pride myself on offering fashion accessories that are quite varied and ever changing. I love experimenting and trying new projects, because quite honestly… I would be bored making the same thing over and over again. It is my mission to show that while my raw materials may come second hand, they are just as nice (if not nicer) than newly purchased ones!

Lori Miller
"Master of Mixing New with Old"; Vendor
Lori's website:  The Round Barn Potting Company
Lori's blog:  The Round Barn Potting Company

Sometimes the craziest of ideas produce the sweetest rewards, or something like that. That's how it went with me when I started the Pottin' Company. Being a stylist at heart I knew how to make a pile of junk look good in a room BUT I knew nothing about the retail world. So what did I do? I jumped right on into it! And with a mixture of new and old, the "Barn" became a reality. I found that my flare for mixing the two made for a perfect fit of both worlds. Now five years later we are still going strong!!! Thank God and a crazy idea to start the Round Barn Potting Company.

Julie Bromley
The Queen of Retail Therapy, & Vendor
Julie on facebook:  The Queen Bee

Wife and Mother of 3, I have always been a shopper, as everyone who knows me, KNOWS. It has always provided me with the "retail therapy" that I need to get through life's most interesting moments. I have a creative background, including interior design. I love to create, and take on many projects, the latest of which was opening a shop in downtown Anoka, "the Queen Bee" A vintage mix of white painted furniture and decor. I am excited to be a part of the "JUNKMARKET Under Glass" for the first time. Can't wait!!

Laurie Bouta
Mixed Media Creatist, & Vendor
Laurie's website:  All Things Inspired

I have been doing art/crafts, upcycling, junking, & mixed media for so many years I don't even want to count them! I owned a small gift shop called Angels On Earth back in 1998 which I had for 5 years and absolutely loved it. I am constantly inspired by little things all around me, therefore, my current business is called All Things Inspired. And right now, I am focusing ( which is hard to do!) on my "Paper Doll Girls" which I paint and embellish with thrift store finds. I am a wife, mother, and grandma to 4 adorable (of course!) grandkids!
Dede Westling
"Old Soul", Vintage Lover ; & Vendor

I believe I have always had an "old soul". I have loved anything from the past that tells a story. Looking at an old black and white photo, I imagine the people in those photos, the lives they lived and the stories to be told. And then throw anything with rust or chippy paint on it, and my pulse races! I love the thrill of the hunt, and then creating from the pieces I find. I love refinishing pieces of furniture, hanging crystal chandeliers in every room possible, and collecting old cameras and alarm clocks!

I am married to my high school sweetheart Paul,and we have two wonderful daughters, Kayla and Leah. All of whom thankfully don't give me too bad a time for my "packrat" tendencies! I am very blessed with an incredible family and have met some of my life long friends through this crazy passion of mine!
Not Pictured - Stephanie Mayer of Gracies Pantry will be in the greenhouse!

Stephanie and Gracie Mayer
Local Mom & Daughter Grower, Canner,  &; Vendor
Stephanie and Gracie's business:  Gracie's  Pantry

Hi my name is Gracie Mayer and I am 19 years old. My mom and I started making salsas two summers ago and selling them at local farmers markets. We then decided to launched Gracie's Pantry, named after me, and now our product can be found in Lunds and Byerlys. We are always creating new products from the freshest produce, which are always bought local.  Stop by and see us at JUNKMARKET Under Glass.  We'd love meet you!

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