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November 25th, 2008 in member junk     
shamrockerin shamrockerin, member
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I found these for free and I like the look of them, but I have not figured out what to do with them yet.  .  .

any ideas?

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MarcioWilges writes: Sometimes precious gems can be amidst the junk that we all see as redundant and should be disposed of immediately to prevent an eyesore. That is why it is important to spot such treasures when moving houses because you can actually save lot of money from buying new things when the old ones are just as beautiful if properly refurbished and decorated. Posted: 10:59 pm on December 14th
Kacky writes: Place at the top edges of a window, place wood shelf along top to display collections or other architecturally interesting stuff. Or create a fireplace mantel with them. Posted: 5:28 pm on February 29th
TINNMANN01 writes: Sell Em To Me! Posted: 8:53 pm on February 5th
TINNMANN01 writes: I Can't Think Of Any Thing You Could Do With These Corbels,With That Said,You Should Sell Them To Me. Give Me A Shout. Thanks-Nick Posted: 8:51 pm on February 5th
Marty29 writes: I've used mine for bookends for all my cookbooks and I've also just sat them together on my mantel and they look great. Great find. Posted: 8:17 pm on January 1st
rosesandrust writes: Are you the lucky one!!!!!!!!!!I have been dreaming of a find like that! Thank you for sharing!---Rose Posted: 10:19 am on November 28th
CottageElements writes: If these are as big as they look, they'd go for more like $75 a piece and up. I've seen them for as much as $150 a piece! Gretchen's such a savvy shopper, she's probably found them for as little as $25 each. Lucky you (and her)!

Lani Posted: 1:27 pm on November 26th
AtticusFinch writes: OH...the "green-eyed monster" of envy just popped out! What a terrific freebie. I like Lanette's idea of curtain corbels.
Sheri Posted: 1:23 pm on November 26th
MimiToria writes: I'd say his loss was your gain. Take them because they are too rough. Is he crazy???? These would be anywhere from $15-50 each at most places selling this type of thing. Here is an example of how I display my 1 precious corbel I have been able to purchase for around $20 or $25. Yes, that is what they sell for.

This doesn't put a whole in any of your rental property either, and can easily be taken with you when you move on.
You have a great find here.
Gretchen Posted: 12:06 pm on November 26th
shamrockerin writes: I acquire almost all my stuff on here from 'dumpster diving' at the local auctionhouse/flea market. . .

I either find stuff abadoned that no one wanted in the field OR sometimes if I see someone buy something and then take off with only part of the lot they just bought, I ask if they're coming back for the rest. I saw a guy walking away w/ one of these so I asked him about the other one and he told me to take it. Then, he stopped suddenly and told me to just take the pair of them because he thought they were "too rough" Posted: 10:12 am on November 26th
piecesofthepast writes: WOW...for FREEEE??? The junk gods are shining upon you, for real! These are so expensive everywhere I see them. Where did you aquire these?? Posted: 10:07 pm on November 25th
junkermidge writes: Those are SWEEEEET! You definitely can't mount them on the wall because they would need suppot. I was thinking the same thing about a desk/sideboard. It only leaves a few tiny holes because the floor is holding most of the weight. Corbels flat side against wall and other flat side up for the desktop. Screw top down into corbels. Then put L brackets underneath where the top hits the wall (make sure it's into a stud, the desk is going to be heavy). Two more near the floor where the corbels meets the wall.
That thing would be SWEEEEET!
Midge Posted: 2:46 pm on November 25th
shamrockerin writes: aw man! those are such good ideas but alas I can't do anything too invasive on my house since I do not own it- I rent- and I would like to get my security deposit back when I move out. . .

But I am definitely going to hang on to these! Posted: 2:01 pm on November 25th
CottageElements writes: These are awesome. I have a special place in my heart for corbels. I've used mine on a wall in my entryway. I've also used them for brackets for a curtain road, and for the sides on a shelf. Here's some pictures from previous posts. And pictures of the shelf I made. I also love Sue's idea for a table. I'll have to try that one! And if all else falls, I just love them as they are as an accent in a vignette! I can't believe you got them for free!!! Welcome to the site!

Lani Posted: 11:18 am on November 25th
suewhitney writes: These are spectacular corbels. I can't believe you got these for FREE!! That, my dear is very lucky. They look rather large. I would attach them to the wall, add supports, put a table top of some kind on the flat surfaces, and make a desk or hall table.

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:44 am on November 25th
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