A Holiday Show-Stopper for Sheri

December 18th, 2011 in member junk     
wendy_baker wendy_baker, member
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a  glam girls holiday friend..
happy celebrations to you all!
the beginning components of a piece for the holidays. glass based pearls salvaged from earlier necklaces of the fifties, rhinestone pins, and enamel flower pins from the sixties all melt with some repurposed earrings and rhinestone chains. everything needs a new home so it does not languish in grandmas jewelry box.
a  glam girls holiday friend.who doesnt love repurposing?
a  glam girls holiday friend..
happy celebrations to you all!

a  glam girl's holiday friend..

happy celebrations to you all!

a friend of mine asked for a showstopper. i pulled out all the pieces that seemed that they could add up to one. and this is the end result of lots of old hippie and old lady unused jewels that needed to have some fresh life breathed into them. 


Pattern or design used: My own design - holiday showstopper for sheri
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suewhitney writes: Every Saturday and Sunday a member's post is featured...usually from the past week. This is a beautiful piece of work!

Happy New Year!
Sue Posted: 11:12 am on December 31st
wendy_baker writes: wow, thanks guys! i had no idea that this was on the sunday member feature. perhaps someone can tell me what that is? and thank you so very much for spotlighting my work. i feel the glow all the way down to my toes! xo.w. Posted: 7:22 am on December 31st
MimiToria writes: You've done a beautiful job with breathing new life into some once cast off pieces. The necklace is wonderful and I'm sure your friend was thrilled. Congrats on being the member feature!
Gretchen Posted: 4:17 pm on December 23rd
NostalgicSummer writes: Beautiful! Posted: 5:47 am on December 21st
sassycass writes: This really is a show stopper - would love to wear this to a holiday party. . . awesome job!!! Posted: 10:55 am on December 20th
vanj2558 writes: This is truely a one of a kind piece. You should be on the cover of a magazine. OH yea your on the front of one of the best internet sites. You go girl.

Vanessa Posted: 1:23 pm on December 18th
gamecockchic writes: OMG, this is gorgeous!!! I would buy one of these in a heartbeat! I've never seen any as beautiful as this in a store. Great, wonderful, fantastic job!!!
Posted: 12:27 pm on December 18th
suewhitney writes: Our Sunday member feature is posted by Wendy Baker. Now here is a show stopper if I have ever seen one!!! BEAUTIFUL. Nice work Wendy!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 8:05 am on December 18th
cruzantiques writes: GORGEOUS!!! Posted: 7:56 am on December 18th
Curbshoppindiva writes: Oooo wow.....love love this....and psst...my name is Sheri (yes, even spelled that way too) is this on the way to me...heehee....wonderful Posted: 3:41 pm on December 17th
JunkDiva writes: Absolutely love this, so creative! Posted: 2:05 pm on December 17th
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