Sunflower... how much would you charge/pay for this.

September 1st, 2011 in member junk     
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Sunflower from Salvaged materials.

Sunflower from Salvaged materials.

I consigned this at a local shop and it just didn't sell... so, maybe the price was too high.  What do you think is a reasonable price for this?

Pattern or design used: My own design
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LloydsLandingofSears writes: As is, in my area, it would go for about $50-60. If it was more rustified, it'd go for more like $75. I take it the hose isn't part of the project, that it was just part of the Like what you put together a lot! ~Mary~ Posted: 12:48 pm on July 21st
Vicky writes: It also looks unfinished, lose the base and add leaves, make more of them that stick into the ground. I put tiki torch metal holders on the bottom of my trellises so the wood isn't in direct contact with the soil. They are pointy on the bottom and are a pipe like thing with a screw to hold torch in. Posted: 10:48 pm on October 9th
Vicky writes: Seeing the hose in front of it makes my mind say put a hook in the front so it becomes useful to hold the hose up. Posted: 10:41 pm on October 9th
alifemorepalletable writes: Your comments make so much since to me. Why would you consign something at an antique store that was so fresh and new looking? I must confess... sometimes the obvious escapes me! I'm going to get the good ole wire wheel out and see what kind of beautiful damage I can do to this piece and then I'll try consigning it again!


Sarah Posted: 6:57 am on September 2nd
junqueartiste writes: Agree with the others...more rust/distressed look....what were you charging?? Posted: 5:55 am on September 2nd
clarerose writes: I agree with the other two comments. If you want the colors either distress them a bit or wipe some dark tint (burnt umber is good) into the recessed areas and rub it back off the proud surfaces. You might need to scratch the post up a bit. The unpainted wheel in the background is so much nicer. But then maybe this just needs a few rusty bits and pieces draped from it?
No one game to put a price on it? Posted: 1:50 am on September 2nd
Yeyas Antiques writes: I like the layout, but do have to agree in that Raw Metal & Rust Rocks and the new Paint could be preventing a Sale. The Idea and form is right there. I do Love the materials you used. I would have clearcoated the assembled piece and left it at that. Posted: 8:42 pm on September 1st
CottageElements writes: My first question would be how much did you sell them for? I also wonder if you left them rusty metal and just poly'd them if they would have sold better. They're too bright and "new" for what I like. Or else if you sanded some of the color off so they looked more distressed. They look pretty substantional, so I would think you could get a fairly good price on them. Then again, it all depends on your market. It's funny how where I live you can get more money in some suburbs than in other.

There you have two cents. May not be worth much but just my thoughts. LOL!

Lani Posted: 7:15 pm on September 1st
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