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This charger is for my teenaged nephew.  Could not find a modern valet charging station that we liked that was affordable and was a “do everything valet” – so I decided to make one. 


·   Bought old wood inbox drawer – this was completely empty and did not have any dividers – approximately 11”wide  x 8”length x 3” high

·   Cleaned, sanded, and glued weak spots

·   Added length of wood on one end on bottom to level drawer out – glued and stained

·   Inside bottom of box looked bad and would not clean up nicely, so bottom was covered with decorative paper

·   Covered outside of small  3.5” x 3.5” loose tea box with same paper and painted inside – this part will be used as eyeglass case holder

·   Used old notebook cover as divider inside box.  Cut hole in bottom of divider for charger wires to fit through.

·   Made “lid” from scrap wood and put hinges on – plugs and wires will be hidden under this section.

·   Husband used 1.5” hole saw to make hole in back for plug.

·   Cut  old yardsticks and used as rails for lid

·   Sealed all in clear polyacrylic.

·   Added ornamental old scraper on divider; created slot in vertical ruler for skeleton key (E-6000 glue and hemp rope) – this will act as key holder, and topped off vertical ruler with an old clock spring for décor.


Pattern or design used: My own design
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KMcG73 writes: Fantabulous! Posted: 6:10 am on September 2nd
clarerose writes: Wow, I hadn't even heard of a valet station... had to google it. Seems it must be an American thing. Anyway, yours is very cool :) Posted: 6:48 am on August 10th
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