Head Shots

August 7th, 2011 in member junk     
Yeyas Antiques Yeyas Antiques, member
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Heads R In
Heads R In

Heads R In

Babyhead Molds are in this


can't keep enough of them in the Store!

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Yeyas Antiques writes: JunkArchitect, Hey listen, don't go into all that, it just sounded so interesting and just to know that you were into the Head Art in the 90's WOW!!! Thanks Posted: 7:03 pm on August 9th
JunkArchitect writes: Yeyas, I built it in 1995 and the photos were taken with a film camera. I'll see if I can find the photos and post them if I do.

Posted: 6:37 am on August 9th
Yeyas Antiques writes: Hey Jim
Any chance of seeing a photo of the Display, Sounds really interesting!! Posted: 9:11 pm on August 8th
JunkArchitect writes: I built a display for a woman who collects doll head molds. With over 100 heads did it ever look creepy...but very cool.

Posted: 6:27 am on August 8th
Ahinther writes: I love these too! My kids always laugh when they see me coming home with another "severed head". I use them in my garden and in mosaic work, etc.
Posted: 4:05 am on August 8th
Yeyas Antiques writes: Actually, I have an assortment of all Body parts! It's cool to know that I am not the only one that shares the strange colection. Posted: 10:23 pm on August 7th
clarerose writes: Oh I've never seen these before, they look neat. Whenever I find a doll, to use for my assemblage art, I always dismantle it immediately. I love having tins of assorted arms, legs, torsos and heads around my studio. Is that a bit strange? Posted: 10:20 pm on August 7th
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