Film Reel Brumberger Box as Movie Theatre Upcycled Bird House

August 2nd, 2011 in member junk     
gadgetsponge Brian Carlisle, contributor
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Movie House for Birds!
Movie House for Birds!

Movie House for Birds!

This birdhouse was the most intensive for me to create out of all of the birdhouses. The structure is a vintage Brumberger film strong box for film storage. IT OPENS UP!!! This is great because you can easily clean the birdhouse out each year. And because of the size, I made it a duplex! On the roof of the "movie theatre" is a billboard or marquee that I created using a typewriter tray, one side of a metal film reel and some copper tubing with screws for the pillars. On the sides, I used brass card slot holders to frame up some marquee signs. On one side I used a $ dollar sign of a vintage brass letter stencil with some copper sheeting behind it. On the other side, I created it using the numbers 1 and 0 of the vintage brass number stencils. The front awning is the top faceplate of an antique Envoy typewriter. An antique film/video camera lens sliding circle plate is the center focal point. The shutters were made from the cuttings off the shell of a toaster. The small half circle elements are pieces from the edging of an old copper tray. The base of the bird holes are some came pieces used in stained glass work. The front perch bar is from an old typewriter also. This is a true masterpiece if I do say so myself. The front face can be opened and closed with a spring trigger lever on the top of the front plate below the awning.

Here are the measurements...
Height: 13.5"; Width: 10.5"; Depth: 10.5".

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