Big "To Do" at Mudd Lake Furniture Company

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suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Come join us at this first time fun filled event!

From Bob:

Located just 25 miles west of the Twin  Cities, Mudd Lake  Furniture is a unique home décor destination with an  assortment of eclectic  imports and eccentric finds.
Set on a picturesque lake farm, Mudd Lake Furniture is  owned  by a former NFL football player. How did a professional athlete end up  in  Watertown, Minnesota running a furniture business? Well,  it  certainly has not been a traditional career transformation, but then  again,  I’m not a conventional sort of guy.
The Mudd Lake property is stunning and well worth the drive to take in the beauty. The fact that you get to shop for a wide variety of junk, vintage finds, art, jewelry,  garden stuff, and furniture for your home is just a bonus!
This is the horse barn where you will find the Otten Bros. and JUNKMARKET Style goodies. Ken, Bob, and Lanette Lorsung of JMS and Cottage Elements have also added their special variety of finds or gems to the mix! I cant wait for you to see the transformation!
Otten Bros. will be on board at the event. Look for the perfectly patinaed old green truck in front of the barn. Theyll be providing inspiration from the ground up!
Here is just a little look at whats been happening in the barn.
And one more. The Otten Bros. green truck and plants arrive on Tuesday to complete the look!
There will be JUNKMARKET Style stuff outside the barn too. Its summer in Minnesota so outdoor living spaces are where its at!
Yes, there is a man shack on the property. Evey pad has to have one! Be sure to check this out!
Junkers do not hang, haul, and arrange junk alone. Jordan the man has been a grerat help in setting up the OItten Bros./Junkmarket Style Barn at Mudd Lake. Thanks Jordan!
Ken oBrien himself looking through his magic portal. He sees the field of dreams in his near future! I understand his glam tent is going to be amazing, Cant wait to see it!
Do you love this sign? Be a member of the Fat Pack and join us next weekend! Ahh...who has more fun?!
Come join us at this first time fun filled event!

Come join us at this first time fun filled event!


Upcoming Event

Muddlake Presents: Ken O'Brien's "Junk in the Trunk" Art, Antique, & Junk Flea Market! Join us at Muddlake farm, July 22nd-24th from 9am to 6pm. Shop our fields with numerous Art & Antique dealers as they abound throughout the apple orchard. This event is "JUNK MARKET STYLE APPROVED!"

From our event, attend the "Rails to Trails Celebration" in the heart of Watertown, featuring a BBQ contest and live music just two miles away! It's a great weekend to visit the Metro's not-so-well-kept secret "Out West Journeys." Visit local shops, wineries, orchards & off-the-beaten-path finds!

I have always believed in collaboration so Otten Bros. and JUNKMARKET Style will be parfticipating in this event. What was once a horse barn is now a feast for the eyes. All sorts of finds, plant materials, and design ideas for your home and garden are behind the horse barn door! Hope to see you there!

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