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July 5th, 2011 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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I started with a farm animal feeder and waterer. Maybe it was for a cow, maybe a horse. Who knows? If anyone does please feel free to share! I love the shape of this...very unique for a planter.
The holes were already there of course, so all I had to do was attach it to my potting bench. The potting bench is fun too. It is crafted from two WELL worn bull doors.
The bars in front and the solid sides make this perfect for holding coco mat.
Measure and cut one piece to cover front and back.
After the mat is cut simply slip it inside.
Shes all matted up and readyto go!
Fill the top with potting soil and plants.
The round holders are the perfect size for galvanized farm buckets...two buckets to be exact. Plant and slip. Easy as one...two.
Number 196...cmom down! The numbers were added for the coolness factor.
Pretty as a picture! I am loving sweet little Daisies this year. They are just so fresh and pretty.
OK, now for the funny factor. Every project has to have one! You might remember this from a post way back. This use to sit on my desk at home, but now that the kids have left the nest I no longer need it on a daily basis. This is a name tag used in a double stall cow barn. On one side the name Flo appears. As you might recall Flo Henderson played the nice Mom on The Brady Bunch. On the reverse side is the name Rosan. We all remembe Rosanne Barr and her parenting style on her sitcom. My kids could always tell if they were in trouble based on the side of the name tag in front of them. Ah, haha! I hate to see it go, but it was just right for this project!

I am doing an idea space at Otten Bros. Garden Center and Landscaping in Long Lake, Minnesota. It's a sneak peek at what is in store for you at the JUNKMARKET Under Glass, Fall Edition this September. What did I do on the 4th of July? I went shopping first thing and then I went to work creating. What could be better? If you are in town stop by and be inspired and of course....SHOP!! Here is one of the ideas you will find.

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chippingcharm writes: Looks great, you really do have the best job don't you??? The best job and the best junk ideas :) Chat soon, Laurel Posted: 7:20 pm on July 5th
suewhitney writes: Jimbo, quit picking on me...obviously the rings were for farm buckets :) Alice...hello to you down under. Great to hear from you! What are you doing in Australia? Rusty..thanks! Glad you enjoyed the funny factor!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 3:24 pm on July 5th
alicemom writes: Sue, I love this idea. I am in Australia on a farm. Too funny!
Wish I could bring back lots of this HEAVY farm goodies!
Smiles, alice Posted: 3:15 pm on July 5th
JunkArchitect writes: OK Eva Gabor, farm living is not for you, I think you'd go nuts as soon as you ran out of junk.
Your latest contraption is for feeding goats and sheep. Don't ask me how I know but I think I'm right. It really is the ideal repurpose for a piece like this. The buckets fit perfectly in the spots that were probably meant for buckets there you go. Thanks for the inspiration; I'm trying to come up with new planters for the front of my house.


Posted: 2:06 pm on July 5th
RustyDiva writes: You very clever girl you! LOVE this and love the "Flo/Rosan" sign. I also love that you inspire me to plant.

Kenda Posted: 1:58 pm on July 5th
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