Crestliner Chest w/ Buick Grill Center and Working Tailights!

May 28th, 2011 in member junk     
paulwilsonkc paulwilsonkc, member
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This is actually one of the first pieces I did. The chest came from a dealer who had it, but it was too bad to restore. Too bad to restore = PERFECT for what we do, since it ends up distressed with multiple layers of paint anyway.

The dark blue is actually about 6 different shades of blue, while the light blue is 4 different colors. I've slowly developed this technique of layer that provides an end product, after sanding, that looks like an original patina, aged and oxidized over the years like the real car. I also try to match the colors to the actual year of vehicle Im focused on.

The Buick grill center bar was found, along with the tailights, in Charleston, WV at a flea market. I like to never got the TSA to let me carry it on board with me!

The tailights light and its a totally functional chest for the bedroom, man cave or entry of an office. 

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - See Repurposed Designs on Facebook
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doggbo writes: I sure do LOVE all your projects! Its got me thinking. Thanks. Posted: 7:30 pm on July 27th
BillyJo writes: That is soooo cool. Great for the boys and car buffs.
Thanks for sharing. BillyJo Posted: 5:34 pm on June 26th
RustyDiva writes: Very cool piece! Posted: 9:20 am on June 7th
paulwilsonkc writes: No, Jammin, live in Olathe, that one piece is in Pittsburgh. Thanks so much. Posted: 7:38 pm on May 31st
jamminjunk writes:
All of your posts are really great and very diferent. So, you live in Pittsburg, Ks? My son is a senior at PSU and I am in Pittsburg often. Do you have a shop in Pittsburg? Love all your cool stuff. Jammy Posted: 10:07 am on May 31st
paulwilsonkc writes: ....and Sue, if you wanted to do some kind of feature wed be open to that! Posted: 3:00 pm on May 30th
paulwilsonkc writes: Thanks Sue! What we do certainly addresses a niche market but I love doing it. Posted: 2:23 pm on May 29th
suewhitney writes: Love this...very original so makes for a great member feature. Perfect man cave piece. Nice work...thanks for sharing!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 12:50 pm on May 29th
paulwilsonkc writes: Joanne, that was me. I think it was the Sunday Getting Started section. Good memory and glad you liked it! Yes, we have several pieces in Nuance all the time. Go see Rachael. She owns the place and an old friend. We also have a clock and several purses at Kansas Coffee across from the Courthouse in Olathe. Go there too while you're over here. Kassie and Crystal have that place and its wonderful. Chelle and I have coffee there most mornings. Come see us then go to Rachaels! Posted: 12:11 pm on May 28th
suewannabeinkc writes: I have a clipping from a Sunday KC Star Magazine a few years back showing one of your pieces (presumably yours, anyway...) that was similar to this. I've kept it for inspiration, planning to attempt to make a dresser look like a Craftsman tool box. I have the dresser, painted red & black. Seeing your pieces on here lately is motivating me to try to finish it!

Do you keep pieces at Nuance all the time? I need to get over there and check them out! It's across town from me but worth the drive.

Thanks for sharing!!

Joanne Posted: 11:43 am on May 28th
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