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The new pint size coat room
The catch all closet - what a nightmare!!!!
The new pint size coat room

The new pint size coat room

An old ski rack gave the inspiration for this kid friendly coat room.  I run a licensed daycare from my home and I was in desperate need of room for coats, shoes, diaper bags etc.  My husband suggested ditching the scary catch all closet.  (It was full when we bought the house, and I just kept throwing more junk in there!!)  Here is the transformation :)  We had to cut the ski rack in half, but I think it made a very charming piece.

Now I am on the  lookout for some smaller fun shaped old mirrors to hang on wall on the right hand side. 

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - A'La Junk Girl
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SarahMc writes: Janie - we bought a 70's house - the whole dang thing was dark paneling!!!! It is real wood, but it did have a kind of glossy surface. I use a good primer - applied with a brush, those grooves are a pain. I do the first coat of paint with a brush and the 2nd coat with a roller. Some people recommend using a green scrubby or TSP- I had too much area that needed to be covered, everything just got wiped down so it was free of dust etc and my living room and kitchen still look great 3 years later :) Posted: 6:20 am on May 29th
JanieBV writes: Your coat room turned out adorable. Great job! When you painted your paneling, did you just prime it and then paint it or did you do something special? I have some paneling I'd like to paint and am not sure if it will look good afterward. It's the cheap, fake wood type of paneling. Is your paneling the nice (real wood) type or the fake kind? From the picture it looks like it turned out nice. Posted: 9:04 pm on May 28th
MakinItHappen writes: Cute! Not scary at all now. Posted: 3:33 pm on May 28th
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