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May 24th, 2011 in projects     
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A unique feline background for one cool meat grinder. Two are always better than one!
A favorite lookout is found beside a funky little Whoville styled Christmas tree.
This shot improved 1000% with a sleepy kitten showing you how its done. Yes I do believe he has sold us on the dreamy bliss part, no?
I couldnt resist a cute head shot during the tell tale Christmas season upon us.
How did he know where to sit, how to pose and for enough time to get in the perfect shot? Precious!
Allow a little cutie to take your mind off that darned drywall job...
(bam! bam! bam!)  Darned tile! Taking forever... oh, hello there beautiful! Come on in!
Have a seat! Id appreciate the company. Because this tile is really taking forever.
So, could you give me a hand? Heres the rubber mallet, if you could just...
... something I said?!?
Take those junky pet shots today. Youll never regret it.
A unique feline background for one cool meat grinder. Two are always better than one!

A unique feline background for one cool meat grinder. Two are always better than one!

When I take photoshoots inside my home, I'm always delighted when I manage to capture my pets in the shot. Unexpected little faces looking back at you always seem to complete a picture in the most precious of ways.

I hadn't realized just how precious these few shots would turn out to be. My sweet 18 year old Beethoven left us this week so these photos have become priceless overnight.

Encourage those wonderful pet shots! Trust me... they will mean even more to you one day.


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Comments (7)

lady1880s writes: I love Flea Lions,and feel your loss too. Mine are everywhere. One is helping me type right now. Posted: 10:55 am on November 25th
junkfreek writes: why not turn that meat grinder into a flower vase instead of a pencil holder? Posted: 8:06 am on August 14th
CottageElements writes: Donna, I am such a cat person, too. I have three...and have had one die in the last year and another four years prior. I always say it takes me three days to cry it out, but really I never forget. My last one died last August and I think about him almost every day. Except for the last few months of his life, he slept in my arms (literally) every night. They are so a apart of us, and I truly believe they will join us in heaven. There we will have no tears, and only joy so our pets will be a part of that. Your pictures are a treasure. Thanks for sharing them.

Lani Posted: 10:05 pm on June 7th
OneHippieChick writes: I love your pics of your projects along with your beautiful cat. I have 2 boston terriers that are by my side all the time. I love my babies!!! Posted: 4:02 pm on May 26th
suewhitney writes: Awww....these are adorable!! I'm sorry for your loss too, but glad you were able to capture all these special moments in images. My dog, Lily is also by my side ...or in my hair ;) while doing projects. She once sat a bottle of open super glue and it became attached to her back side. Too funny! thanks for sharing these precious photos!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 8:37 am on May 26th
chippingcharm writes: Too cute...I don't have pets but my kids (or more likely their toys) pop up in mine :)
Sorry about your loss glad you have so many photos to look back on and smile about. Laurel Posted: 12:18 pm on May 25th
sandyrae writes: Very sweet Donna, thanks for sharing. My cat loves to be involved in all my projects too!
Sandy Posted: 8:11 am on May 24th
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