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November 16th, 2008 in member junk     
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Hanging on my mantle
Sweater with pattern pinned to it
Cut out stocking after steeking
Finished stocking with pom pom trim
Bonus - arm warmers for me
Hanging on my mantle

Hanging on my mantle

This is a stocking made for my niece. 

I started with a $5 thrift store sweater of wool/angora/cashmere.  I created a stocking pattern from an exisitng one I had and pinned it to the front of the sweater lining up the middle cable down the center of the pattern vertically.  After ripping the side seams up to the under arm area, I stitched with my sewing machine around the pattern (called steeking in knitting lingo) to preserve the integrity of the fabric and prevent unraveling. 

I wanted to include the collar of the sweater as the cuff of the stocking so I stitched up and over the shoulders of the sweater and around the pattern pinned to the back.  After cutting out I stitched the stocking together (right sides facing).  Flipped it right side out and stitched the pom pom trim to the inside of the cuff by hand.  I made a loop from additional sweater fabric and hand stitched inside. 

Bonus were arm warmers for me made from the sleeves.  I cut the sleeves at the desired length just over the elbow, hemmed the end and split the seam for my tumb to go through.

Pattern or design used: My own design - paisley penguin
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KimberlyMelamed writes: Well, I have been wondering what I should do with that beautiful pink cashmere sweater that I accidentally shrunk in the wash last winter. (Don't laugh, I know you have all shrunk something in the wash before.)

But seriously, I love this idea! The fringe just makes it! Thanks for posting and welcome to the site. Can't wait to see more.

Kimberly Posted: 11:31 pm on December 1st
paisleypenguin writes: Thank you all for the warm welcome. Posted: 2:23 pm on November 18th
CottageElements writes: Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing. I love recycled sweaters. There is so much you can do with them. And you can get more than one thing out of them! Have you ever made purses out of them? Again, great project!

Lani Posted: 11:49 am on November 17th
suewhitney writes: Very clever. Love.love.love! Welcome to the site and we can't wait to see more. You're awesome!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 4:13 pm on November 16th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: Adorable!

Amy Posted: 3:06 pm on November 16th
LuAnn writes: What a creative idea. Loved the outcome. No end to the possibilities. Good Job and welcome to the sight. Looking forward to your new projects.

LuAnn Posted: 2:57 pm on November 16th
kopykatkim writes: Love that idea!!! I do some sewing also and that is pretty simple but I never thought to do it. You have a creatve mind. Way to go!
Kim Posted: 2:41 pm on November 16th
georgiamoon writes: Say What? You lost me right after you went to the thrift store. I really love the end result but it was like you were speaking a different language there for a minute. As you can tell I don't do anything that has to do with needles or thread for that matter. I love to see what people with the sewing talent can do but I think I'll stick to a hammer and nails. I laughed so hard at your profile, what a great way to tell us about yourself! Made me want to know you immediately, so keep the projects coming and I can't wait to see what other talents you have to show us. Love, Georgia Posted: 1:42 pm on November 16th
MimiToria writes: Great idea.
Thanks for posting. Welcome to the site.
I hope your neice appreciates her great stocking you made her.
Gretchen Posted: 1:14 pm on November 16th
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