Turn me up and down.. let's dance..

April 5th, 2011 in member junk     
malditamaxx malditamaxx, member
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This is one of my out-of-the-junk creations. We'll the idea just crossed my mind while I was  sitting alone wondering what would kill my time. So i got up roam inside our house and poof!.. I've collected materials in an instant. Since I am working in a restaurant we have a bunch of various glasses ( i used liqueur glasses for this project) displayed in our living room. Another thing which made me lucky of working in a resto is that can have all the wine cork as many as I want without  buying even a bottle of wine!...

One of my fave food craze is  nibbling pistachios. Not only the nuts I loved but its shells as well (see its perfect for a shoe!..).

The most guilt-induced material is the wire ( for the arms). Why?. I grabbed a knife hurriedly cut it off from the bulb. The kitchen bulb doesn't work anymore I guess..not until it will be discovered..

Pattern or design used: A Beautiful Combination of Created and Found Objects
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junkermidge writes: They are adorable! Love them!
Midge Posted: 8:20 pm on April 7th
chippingcharm writes: Really cute...and clever :) Laurel Posted: 1:43 pm on April 5th
MakinItHappen writes: Very cute dancing glasses! I may try that idea myself. Posted: 7:18 am on April 5th
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