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My farmhouse table that I use for a desk
A close up of the chippy over painted surface
The drawrer pull, which I believe to be wood and metal under the at least 3 layers of paint
Here is the over used and previously abused surface
Close up of the drawer, obviously the knob was never removed during any of the hideous paint jobs!!
My farmhouse table that I use for a desk

My farmhouse table that I use for a desk

After much debate I am going to strip and re-finish my beautiful chippy crusty desk.  As best I can tell it has a minimum of 3 layers of paint.  Although I think it may have been painted yellow twice, which would bring it to 4, and I suspect there may be one more layer yet under that.........

I have never refinished a piece before.  I have always loved the chippy crusty musty dusty look.  But I am planning a barnboard table this spring and want to clean up the desk a bit so my dining room/office has a shabby chic, not down and out appearance!!  LOL

Any advice from the pros out there so I dont distroy this lovely desk while trying to restore it???

Thanks so much!!!!

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LloydsLandingofSears writes: Did you ever get your project redone? I'd love to see what you came up with! ~Mary~ Posted: 10:19 pm on June 13th
WhenPigsFly writes: I am a big fan of the farmhouse...anything! I made one a few months ago and I love it. The top is Briwaxed and the frame (including spindle legs) I krackled. I got brave and decided I would weave new seats for the ladder back chairs...aughhhhh. That was hard and back breacking. I have many pieces that my father made when he was in highschool (chest, dresser etc.) and a few my grandfather made. The past 20 years I stripped everything down to the wood and stained because I am amazed by the grain patterns. Depending on the construction of the pc; it's not hard to do with a littl gel stripper (make sure you let the stripper sit for a few minutes and soak in). Now I find myself interested in color so I'm painting my new finds. Check out my pics on my blogs and good luck.
kime Posted: 2:22 pm on April 16th
SarahMc writes: Thanks guys!!!
And Tobey - your project was the final reason I decided to go ahead - your pc is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! That finished project just blew me away, I saw a whole new desk through your eyes!!! :) :) Posted: 4:01 pm on April 6th
Tobey writes: I refinished a table very similar to this but with not so many coats of paint, the pic should be under my projects. I wanted it to match my hutch so I had to strip it right down too, once you put the paint stripper on, lay saran wrap over that area and let it sit a little longer, the saran wrap keeps the stripper from drying out and as it sits a little longer it eats through more layers of paint.Just peel off the saran wrap but make sure you use gloves at all times and dispose of all of this in a metal can that the stripper can't eat through. Be careful not to gouge into the wood when your scraping it off, use steel wool too and be sure to wash the stripper off so it does not keep working. have fun your table will look gorgeous when your done just take your time. Posted: 7:51 pm on April 4th
MakinItHappen writes: If it were mine, I would refinish only the top and do a pretty crackle finish on the bottom. However, if your heart is set on redoing the whole thing, I would wait until warm weather and to it outside using an eco-friendly stripper and collecting all the stuff you scrape off and disposing of it in the trash. If you do any paint sanding (and I'm sure you'll have to), wear a mask, because it may have lead in it. Either way, it will be beautiful. Posted: 9:46 am on March 29th
Petiebird writes: cool table, but I know what you mean, just doesn't fit in anymore. I've found that paint strippers work the best. gel types don't run as much. It seem the more earth friendly the product is,the longer it takes to strip the paint....makes sense. ask the experts at your local do-it-yourself shop. keep us posted! Posted: 1:20 pm on March 28th
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