Steam Punk Lighting

February 18th, 2019 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Quite a glow it casts...wouldnt you say? I imagine this must be the way the bar looks to some after drinking green beer on St.Pattys Day.
Do you know what these are parts from?
There are six parts to the one unit.They fit one inside the other allowing me to make three two tiered pendants. Look at the patina on this metal.Gorgeous!
From the top they look like little flying saucers. Whats better than knowing a welder? Knowing one that owns a CNC to cut pieces and parts to fit lamps. Thanks Dougie! :)
A second round device was cut to attach one cylinder to the other by welding.
Slip the industrial strength electrical cord through the hole and wire to a standard socket.
Love the groovy little light bulb.
These little lights of mine....Im gonna let em shine!
Long distance after adding a little bling!
And a close up. Do you know what these were made from yet?  Me neither.Ah,ha,ha,ha!  OK...maybe I do. They were from some kind of eletrcial burner and  there was a coil in between them. Am I right?
Quite a glow it casts...wouldnt you say? I imagine this must be the way the bar looks to some after drinking green beer on St.Pattys Day.

Quite a glow it casts...wouldn't you say? I imagine this must be the way the bar looks to some after drinking green beer on St.Patty's Day.

There is nothing better than getting 3 goodies from one piece of junk.These penants would look great hung in a grouping or alone. I love the metal with the crystal bling! Now it's time for you to name that mystery junk!

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intheboonies writes: My husband thinks it's the inside of a bait bucket where you put your minnows. You pull this holy insert out of the main bucket and your minnows are handy without having to reach into a bucket full of water for the squirmy little fish!! Not sure if this is really the answer, but makes sense to him :-) Posted: 9:30 am on November 26th
mountaingoat writes: Washing machine or dryer tubs? Whatever it is, it's very cool! Posted: 9:43 pm on March 24th
SwampTreasures_com writes: Still watching this one, just to learn what the "mystery junk" used to create. I still say flame difusers.
Now if I can only find some around hea' Posted: 2:26 pm on March 22nd
Funky_Junk_Donna writes: I LOVE these! I'm totally needing something in my kitchen so you've given me some great food for thought. And that added bling? VERY cool. :)


Posted: 8:55 am on March 19th
CottageElements writes: These are amazing! One of my favorite things you've done. Funny thing is, Jimbo, I was thinking about them for my kitchen. I have three pendants hanging above the counter and didn't know if they'd have to be the same size. They really are the coolest!

Lani Posted: 9:49 pm on March 18th
SwampTreasures_com writes: Great Idea, Great Look! Almost like you made these shades from an old heater flame difuser. Look out Mexico...... :) Posted: 6:46 pm on March 18th
JunkArchitect writes: Speaking of Bars, this would be the perfect fixture in a Restaurant/Bar with an industrial theme. It would also look amazing in a kitchen.
Tell Dougie to watch out because I bought welding equipment.

Posted: 11:04 am on March 18th
byabpryor writes: Super cool! Posted: 7:47 pm on March 17th
chippingcharm writes: So very, very cool Sue! LOVE the added bling :) Laurel Posted: 6:41 pm on March 17th
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