JMS Membership Red Letter Day

March 16th, 2011 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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10,000 members multiplied by 10 friends each (I know you all have at least 10 friends because you cant junk alone) equals 100,000.
Capture at 6 AM on March 16, 2011.
Celebrate good times..cmon!!
10,000 members multiplied by 10 friends each (I know you all have at least 10 friends because you cant junk alone) equals 100,000.

10,000 members multiplied by 10 friends each (I know you all have at least 10 friends because you can't junk alone) equals 100,000.

Yee, ditty, haw, my friends.....we did it!!! It seems like it was a long time in coming, but good things are worth waiting for. A heart felt thanks to all members for taking the plunge and pushing that scary thing called the "join junkers like you" tab. I am both honored and delighted to be part of such a talented online community. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of you in person and look forward to meeting many more of you in the years to come.

A great big thank you also goes out to the fabulously creative JMS contributors, both past and present. I could not have achieved this goal without you. You're time, support, and talent are so greatly appreciated. Lani Banani and Jimbo...what can I say? You both have supplied the support, encouragement, and strength for me to carry on through good and bad times....and you didn't  provide the support for your own personal happily did it for the good of the greater junking cause.

With all of that said, I'm going to ask for your help. Running a major website is not free. Just like printed magazines we have people producing stories, editing, creating graphic design, monitoring, administering... etc. In order for the website to grow and improve it needs water and sunlight. There are many ways of reaching the improvement and growth goal. First and foremost we need to increase membership. 10,000 might seem like a big number, but in reality it's quite small. We have millions of visitors on an annual basis. If you are a visitor and enjoy the the join button. It's painless...I promise! :) If you are a member I encourage you to share the site with your friends and have them join our junking family.

Thanks again to all! Here's to a great junking season. The snow is starting to melt. Yeah!!!

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OldeCrowEwePastime writes: I am so glad I found this site. You all make me feel normal. Where I live Junk Artists are not the "norm" I see the beauty in the cast offs and love to see the new life it brings to them. Thanks for all the inspiration! I love this site! Hugs~ Nicole Brock
Posted: 11:05 am on May 26th
SwampTreasures_com writes: Looking forward to your banner Sue. If you want to email me direct, with JunkMarket in the subject. I'll post the banner/link right away.

Have a Nice day!
Dennis Posted: 3:46 am on March 23rd
suewhitney writes: Thanks for your support everyone. The membership is growing...yeah!!! I've said it many times, but I'll say it are an amazing group of people. Swamp Treasures...we'll get you a banner logo. Thanks!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 9:20 am on March 21st
SwampTreasures_com writes: Most times I sit in the side lines. But today I'll give a Holla' of Congrats on a job Well Done. Very Enjoyable, Educational and Friendly site.
I always look forward to seeing the inspiring creative works of all that made this unique site happen.
Keep it up, and Good Luck to Ya'll!

ps.. I would like to promote Junk Market on our website.
I would need a logo banner. Have one?
Posted: 7:01 pm on March 18th
chippingcharm writes: So very, very exciting...congratulations Sue and JMS family! This site and all of you have been such an inspiration and encouragement to me! I'm so glad I "clicked" that join button so long ago...and then FINALLY got the courage to start posting and commenting :) It's literally been life changing for me...opening doors to new friendships and a fun and exciting creative outlet. I feel very blessed to be a part of this amazing group of junkers! So thank you, thank you, thank you Sue!!! Can't wait to see what else is in store!!! Laurel Posted: 6:30 pm on March 17th
EmmasNookandGranny writes: Congratulations on reaching 10,000 members! Thank you Sue for giving us junkers the coolest place on the web to hang out. Your creativity is an inspiration to all of us. It is so wonderful to have this place where we can learn from you and each other, and where we can share ideas and receive encouragement. Here's to the next 10,000!!

Marge Posted: 5:28 pm on March 17th
junkermidge writes: WaHoo!!! Way to go!! I LOVE this site and tell people about it all the time! I will continue to do so, as well as visiting more often myself. It's been an awesome experience "meeting" other junkers and sharing ideas and inspiration together. Here's to another 10,000..and even more!
Midge Posted: 8:54 am on March 17th
karilelek writes: I pass the word to everyone I meet. No longer is junk a dirty word! This is an amazing site for inspiration. Thanks for all of your hard work. Posted: 7:15 am on March 17th
Meadowview_Farm writes: Congratulations...if you could see me, I am holding a balloon in one hand and a party horn in the other. You don't want to even get me going about the cone shaped hat with the elastic strap on my head!
Congratulations to all -- job well well well done!!!
Kari Posted: 5:01 am on March 17th
alicemom writes: O.K. dokey Miz Sue!!
Can I say tickled pink and totally deserving! The junking folks are just the best in sharing their tips and tricks.
Yes we are very lucky to have Miz Sue in our life.
smiles, alice Posted: 9:25 pm on March 16th
CottageElements writes: Sue, I have to start by thanking you. You have been an amazing example for the rest of us at JMS. Your positive attitude has really set the tone here. Your encouraging words, along with your incredible talent and style, have made this site apealing to everyone. We all have become a family. Thank you for that!

And thank you from me to the rest of the contributors and members. You continue to inspire and welcome other members with open arms. You have all made this site what it is. I am one who is looking forward to many more years at JMS. Here's to the next 10,000 and beyond!

Lani Posted: 7:53 pm on March 16th
JunkSituation writes: Congrats Sue! I just told about 25 women TODAY about your site, AND I even had your book with me for show 'n' tell! I gave a program today to a group of sorority women...wanting to know "what I do"!!! I explained I'm a junk artist inspired by my friends at Junk Market Style. You should have seen the pens and paper come out to write that name down !!
Best wishes for a GREAT year!
Tammy :) Posted: 7:20 pm on March 16th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: SUE,
Wow you know me that is awesome.SUE, I'm proud of you,we all know you can not do this by yourself.Its up to all of us to share stories as for me I have pictures on my table of you when I do shows and even though I don't have the talent like a JIMBO or others I encourage people what JMS is all about and you never meet nicer people.It encourages me.I even shared the books of SUE and the special lady you are.I just want encourage all you members to get behind SUE and let see it grow to 20,000.LORD has given me a gift of encouragement to others and I know it will pay off in the long run.So many of you have such great talent it just blesses me what you all can do.I never thought I would say this but JUNKERS are awesome.And the friendships brings a tear to my eyes.Once again thank's Sue you are truly blessed.We are all behind you.LOVE&BLESSINGS, ROBERT. Posted: 7:04 pm on March 16th
JunkArchitect writes: Well congratulations Suzy-Q! How fast time goes by. I joined in 2008 and from day one it's been the BEST junkin' time I've ever had. The most rewarding aspect of JMS is connecting with the other members and sharing ideas, techniques and the love of finding the next BIG junk pile. And thanks Sue for creating a place where things that are old, rusted, chipped, dented and scratched can be reimagined and shared.

Thank you to all the contributors and members who inspire me every day with your creativity, support and friendship...y'all are extra nice to me.


Posted: 5:58 pm on March 16th
shamrockerin writes: I tell everyone about the site! It's awesome to be a junker! Posted: 5:54 pm on March 16th
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