Not-too-shabby "cashier" table

November 12th, 2008 in member junk     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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Our new cashier table!
Ready for my close up - dont ya love the color - and that old crackly finish?
A cute empty drawer - show me the money!!
A view from the customers side!
One word says it all...
Our new cashier table!

Our new "cashier" table!

When we do fleamarket/antique shows, we’ve always just set our cashier space up on one of our tables that we’re selling and we always end up having to move, rearrange, etc. to keep doing business…and keeping all our supplies in an old suitcase – so, we pretty much just worked “out of a suitcase” – which wasn’t very efficient. 


So, we decided to start our quest for the perfect table… 


This past fall we found this forlorn sidetable at a fleamarket (…and it was screaming to be saved), and we knew exactly what it wanted to be…our new “cashier” table.  It was, of course, an old varnished, crackly finish, and “had” to be painted.  I painted the drawers this wonderful dark, sort of fuchsia color (bargain spray paint from the discount store…), and then dry brushed with white to tone it down. The old crackly finish underneath really added some character to it.  I distressed the finish with my trusty "mouse" sander.  I used some random knobs for fun (and function…).   I already had a wooden cutlery organizer that I painted and “decorated” with scrapbook paper to hold all our $$$$ - we can keep checks sorted from the cash – we are going to be sooooo organized.  The top drawer will hold tissue paper for wrapping.  


 We had some small shutters, and as if they were “MFEO” (“Sleepless in Seattle” fans…you know what that means – I’ve watched that movie WAY too many times…) – it fit perfect – no cutting involved…and provides a nice shelf to put our basket of supplies (scissors, tape, calculator, etc.) on so they’re out of the way and pretty much out of sight – and it of course is that beautiful  fuchsia color too…  I attached an old door handle to the side so we can hang our “bag of bags” so they’re handy.   I found a vintage metal “CASHIER” sign at an antique mall – and had to have it! 


As I write this, I’m thinking now I need to find something to attach to the front to hold our business cards too…and maybe a few pieces of junk just for fun…it never ends… 


Terri is sewing up some cute slipcovers for a couple folding chairs, and we’re ready for business!!!


We’re going to have to put a “NFS” tag on this one – we definitely don’t want to sell it!!




Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Kathy
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johnzaci writes: Posted: 11:11 am on July 29th
johnzaci writes: Hi @Kathy This is true that if we have got just skill and manner then 50% we have won the match:)
And here is great combination of the renovation of the shabby chic things and inspiring me your crafting desk:)
Posted: 11:10 am on July 29th
shabbychick writes: Christy..we always hate seeing the infamous "NFS" signs when we're out shopping... And, one of my friends already told me that we need to just put a big price tag on it, and sell it...but, maybe we could just take an order and custom "build" one for someone (I don't really want to part with it...) :)

Kathy Posted: 9:06 pm on November 16th
csudderth writes: What a creative piece and just perfect for your use. This just had your name all over it. It's a joke among my family--one of us sisters always want to buy what isn't for sale so I'm sure everyone is going to want to buy it. Maybe you can find another piece that you can fix up and sell! Hope you make lots of $$$$$$$$ to put in that drawer.
Christy Posted: 8:08 pm on November 13th
shabbychick writes: Lani, Gretchen & Monica, thanks for the nice comments.

Monica, We've been doing this for about 5 or 6 years, and are FINALLY getting organized! We'd just get busy, sell the piece we were using, and stuff things somewhere else... This will be so much better (and cute too...that's always a plus!) :) (Sometimes we barely even leave space for us to sit - we tend to overpack just a bit...ha ha.)


P.S. Gretchen - have fun with your two days you'll be busy as a bee!! :) Posted: 2:21 pm on November 13th
justjunky writes: I LOVE this idea! I do art shows here in Texas and I normally just have a wooden crate that I turn on its side and use the top to display art pieces and have the back open to hide my money & credit card machine from cusotmers coming into my booth. I have always hated it because it feels so it's my first show! With your cashier stand the top and base can still be used to display pieces or the top could be used for wrapping and bagging! Posted: 11:02 am on November 13th
CottageElements writes: Kathy, great job on the table! Love the paint job you gave it, and I think the cashier sign is the topping on the cake! Thanks for sharing!

Lani Posted: 11:40 pm on November 12th
MimiToria writes: Kathy-
What a great redesign you created her. I love the idea of a small quaint portable cashier table. The details of the cutlery drawer for your $$$$$$$$$$$$$,the shutter shelf, hook for the bags and everything you added makes it so great and one-of-a-kind.
Thanks for sharing!
Janis has me back on my way to relook at your room redesign you did. I loved it when you posted it, but need to refresh my mind. I have 2 days off, so time to get some things done.
Gretchen Posted: 8:51 pm on November 12th
fellowjunker writes: Thanks so much for the info about the shutters Kathy...I'm just in the process of hanging them right now.
xojanis Posted: 4:05 pm on November 12th
shabbychick writes: Thanks everyone! This is such a "keeper" - I love how it turned out - and AtticusFinch - I like the idea about putting our name on the front too - we've definitely got enough room...I'm sure we have a small picture frame or molding somewhere... :) Candy, I like the soap dish idea (sounds like something I might have to add to my "shopping list"!).

Janis, I know what you mean about the money drawer...I just have too much fun with all the little details (and sometimes they get buried...but, under money is ok...ha ha!!) Also, about the shutters - the one on the left was just screwed into the wall, and the other one is leaning on the desk/wall - so it's moveable.

JunktiqueBoutique, we had so much fun on the Longest Yard Sale and hope to go again. We drove down into Tennessee and headed north for 250 miles of the sale - Tennessee and Kentucky were great - but now it goes up into Ohio too - and we DO have a lot of great places to shop!

Kathy Posted: 3:42 pm on November 12th
LuAnn writes: Kathy:

This is great. Love how you put it all together.

LuAnn Posted: 3:28 pm on November 12th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: How perfect is that! And so well thought out.

I especially love the cashier sign, the drawer handle for your bags and that money organizer. What great ideas! Instead of attaching something to the front for your business cards, why not use an old iron soap dish attached to the top? That way your customers will be sure to see it as they check-out.

I learned so much from your post too. Like what MFEO is...had to look that one up. ;)

You're way too creative!


Posted: 2:09 pm on November 12th
junktiqueboutique writes: This is fantastic and so pretty. You know you'll have to find
some more tables like it because NFS makes everyone want it even more. I saw in your profile you went on the World's Longest Garage Sale. We went also, 2 different years. We started at the beginning in Alabama
and went as far as north Tennesee. But I'm definitly going
to Ohio next time because it looks like y'all have some great places to go to. Posted: 1:29 pm on November 12th
AtticusFinch writes: Kathy, icing on the cake...add a picture frame or found molding below the cashier's sign with your boutique name.

Cute cute cute Posted: 1:15 pm on November 12th
rosesandrust writes: Hi Kathy,That is adorable!! Good use for old shutters!!
Thank you for sharing .Rose Posted: 1:00 pm on November 12th
fellowjunker writes: Kathy....I wanted to ask you how you hung the shutters. Did you screw them right on to the wall or use a hanging kit?
xojanis Posted: 12:15 pm on November 12th
fellowjunker writes: Kathy
This is beautiful and so creatively put together with the use of different pieces. Just love what you did with the cutlery holder, and the papers you picked look great. You won't want to cover them up with all the money you make! I am still so inspired by your room makeover you posted a couple weeks I hope to get my shutters hung above my crafting desk. Thanks for all your great ideas.
xojanis Posted: 12:13 pm on November 12th
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