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January 8th, 2011 in member junk     
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vintage Donald Dick toy projector- $1
I LOVE vintage childrens books! This one was a buck.
$3. hand-made cloth Wall decoration- I think it looks like Holly Hobbie, but the lady I bought it from says its from the 1930s, so I couldnt resist. Hopefully someday I will have a nursery to hang it in.
vintage baby sweater, booties and bonnet. $2 for the lot. I collect vintage baby stuff (along with lots of other vintage stuff) b/c someday I hope to decorate a nursery with it.
vintage Donald Dick toy projector- $1

vintage Donald Dick toy projector- $1

It's been a while since I had an amazing find, and I have an urge to create stuff. So I decided to go treasure-hunting today. I happened across a Lions Lodge in Maine that was having a little tag sale so I picked up a few things.

I have found a few cool things at local thrift stores, but I have yet to find a flea mkt in NH that is not skeezy, and yet to find an antiques store that is not grossly over-priced.

Oh, how I miss the Crumpton auction in MD and all the free stuff I used to find there. :(

Someone, please tell me that the JUNK Swap is coming up soon!

I am desperate for a project to work on.

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oldnews writes: One more thing - that Donald Duck projector would go for pretty good money in our shop! We have toy collectors coming in all the time and they'd be fighting over that one! Anything Disney or old cartoon related flys out the door! Marie
PS The "Vicki" I referred to in my other comment was Art Teacher Girl! She and I could do some dammage on a shopping trip together!! :) Posted: 9:31 am on January 12th
oldnews writes: Shoot Vicki, I wish you were coming to California! We could shop your socks off! I know every thrift store, scrap yard, and recycled building materials yard within 75 miles of my house! We could do some damage! We are going to go hit some salvage yards this weekend in Oakland - wish you were here!! Marie Posted: 9:23 am on January 12th
RustyDiva writes: Not the same as free but still, you got some pretty good stuff on the cheap girl. I know how it is to have a favorite hunting spot and then to have to let it go for whatever reason.....sad....but keep looking and maybe you'll find something to take it's place eventually. (LOVE Donald Dick) haha Posted: 8:28 am on January 10th
JunqueMagnet writes: GREAT projector.I know what you mean about children's books.I usually pick them up. I like to glitter/alter pages and use them in projects.Happy hunting. Posted: 5:02 am on January 10th
curious writes: I love the projector and the child book, I had a lot of very old golden books that I took to an auction and they came up missing or missed placed.They can't remember them,very disappointed. Posted: 4:36 am on January 10th
JunkArchitect writes: Your Donald Duck projector is worth a little more than a dollar...great find.

I know what your mean about the skeezy flea markets. It seems like they always have an abundant supply of 30-year old "Jean Nate" soap and "Dukes of Hazard" tee-shirts. And consider both a collectable!


Posted: 6:30 pm on January 9th
artteachergirl writes: WOW! On that projector whatever the name:-)...Great Find!
When I come back to Maine next summer, please tell that Lions Lodge to have another sale. Also, by then please find some non skeezy flea markets, and post them here:-) Last summer I didn't get to shop much and this summer I plan to do nothing but shop. Lucky girl on all your new treasures! Posted: 9:46 am on January 9th
shamrockerin writes: Whoops! Yes, Donald Duck is correct, not what I typed. Posted: 4:03 am on January 9th
joyce_b writes: I love your finds, especially the bonnet girl. But shouldn't that be a Donald Duck (not Dick) projector? What are you going to do with it?

Frozen in MN Posted: 3:19 am on January 9th
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