Illuminated Cream Bucket

December 22nd, 2010 in member junk     
CottageElements Lanette Lorsung, editor
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I love the ambiance of candlelight.  So when I found these buckets, it was a natural solution for them. 
And I was fortunate not to find just one.  Lucky me!
The sides of the buckets are made out of a mesh type metal with a ga-zillion holes.  Okay, so maybe thats a little exageration, but theyre perfect for allowing candlelight to shine through.
This bucket actually has a skeleton shell, with the mesh just lining the bucket.
All it needs is a little embellishments...berries, ribbon and greens.
Ribbon was added around the bucket , but inside of the shell.  I hot glued it to keep it in place.
I then bundled the berries and greens with a good sturdy wire.
And then attached the greens to the bucket with additional ribbon. 
This is what you call a two-fer.  Wa-la!
And out on the porch they go!  And with the recent ton of snow (no exageration, we live in MN), they light up the snow! 
There is no place like home, and with a little junk...even better.
I love the ambiance of candlelight.  So when I found these buckets, it was a natural solution for them. 

I love the ambiance of candlelight.  So when I found these buckets, it was a natural solution for them. 

I found these wonderful cream buckets (or so they tell me) recently at a local favorite junking haunt.  And as the saying goes, if you don't know what to do with something, put a candle in it!  And so I did...with a little extra embellishments.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Lanette of
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OneHippieChick writes: Love what you did with the cream buckets. Love your porch display. Lanette, send me some of that beautiful snow. I'm in Gerogia. I want a white Christmas! ::smiles::
*Merry Christmas* Posted: 8:16 am on December 21st
Heavenly_Treasures writes: LANI,
Just wanted you to know that you are very gifted. You did a special job on them buckets.I just ask a special Christmas blessing upon you today.You have a nice Christmas and New Year.LOVE AND BLESSINGS ROBERT. Posted: 3:11 pm on December 24th
Funky_Junk_Donna writes:

Oh my gosh... look at that snow background to your gorgeous bucket creations... totally dream worthy!

LOVE the bucket candles. All the galvanized touches totally speak to me.

Merry Christmas!

Posted: 9:54 pm on December 23rd
JunkArchitect writes: You Minnesota girls always find the most functional junk. And seem to have a never ending supply too. Your porch looks beautiful as always Lani. The cream buckets are so cool and I can see a lamp in the making.
Have a great Christmas and New Year. Hopefully we can all get together when the snow melts...July?


Posted: 9:13 am on December 23rd
KMcG73 writes: I love seeing how you change the displays on your step ladder seasonally. Those buckets are simply amazing - really - they're simple AND amazing! Posted: 7:22 am on December 23rd
sandyrae writes: I'm an old bucket fan myself... the beat up the better. I just call them well loved. and anything you can put a candle it... well that's just gravy! Always beautiful things you do! Love'em all! Posted: 5:45 am on December 23rd
oldnews writes: So beautiful, as always! Posted: 8:49 pm on December 22nd
OLDcrowAntiques writes: Those buckets are fantastic & what a great seasonal transformation! Posted: 4:17 pm on December 22nd
georgiamoon writes: Lani, these are FAB-U-LOUS!! i really love the way you transformed these into such beautiful Christmas candles. Your style and creativity are boundless! I love the snow..from here anyway, your home looks so Christmas-y. Really beautiful! Georgia Posted: 12:03 pm on December 22nd
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