What to do with a dresser that is missing a drawer?

September 26th, 2010 in member junk     
Olivers_Oma Olivers_Oma, member
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Found this heavy-duty all hardwood dresser with a missing drawer. The 3 drawers it did have were very large. The actual dresser is in remarkable condition ... well, except for the missing drawer. I just removed the center drawer guide, cut pressboard to fit the inside, covered the pressboard with batting and fabric, and popped it in place. I didn't even need to glue in place. It will be easy to change the fabric if need be.  I still need to pick up a couple baskets to place inside the top shelf. It's visually more pleasing now than it would have been had all the drawers been present and accounted for!

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shabbychick writes: You're SO resourceful - the new drawer lining looks nice, and baskets will be perfect for the space! Again - great save!

Kathy Posted: 11:31 am on October 5th
Fairlore writes: Perfect! I have a desk that is missing a drawer! I love your idea!! Posted: 12:11 pm on September 28th
BillyJo writes: Great! Problem solved! Wonderful. BillyJo Posted: 6:39 pm on September 27th
CottageElements writes: I had a dresser missing a drawer. I wasn't so on top of it as you were. We ended up dismembering it and just using the pieces. How dumb was I? Great job.

Lani Posted: 5:40 pm on September 27th
ewnurse writes: I've done this same thing with a curbside find. The top two drawers were in it's own "section" and the bottom three were together. The top drawer was missing so I removed the top brace where it would have sat and then removed the second drawer. Since these two made up the top "section" it looked perfectly natural. I then painted it all out a warm chocolate brown and spray painted the original hardware a darker brown. I then inserted a wine bottle holder and made wine glass holders in the top section. I just sold it yesterday on CL. Posted: 12:33 pm on September 27th
vanj2558 writes: Very nice job!!! and I agree with junker midge!!! POSITIVE
POSITIVE POSITIVE... You go girl Posted: 8:02 am on September 27th
junkermidge writes: Perfect solution for the missing drawer! And, you're right, it actually looks better this way than the original. That happens so often -- what seems like a negative actually is a positive. Good for you for having that vision!
Midge Posted: 7:43 am on September 27th
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