Oronoco Junking Finds!

August 25th, 2010 in member junk     
CottageElements Lanette Lorsung, editor
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I found a lot of great items this year in Oronoco for Gold Rush Days.  My car was loaded to the brim!
Im assuming this was used in some type of factory.  Extremely heaving.  I needs a little TLC, but I love its industrial feel.
This sign stays with me.  Itll be going on my back door.  Just in case we forget how to get out.  LOL!
I love drawers, and when I found this piece I just couldnt resist.  Im going to clean it up, and probably put a spray poly over it.  Its another heaving piece.  I think it would be great in a craft room.
A great stool I purchased at a great price.  And its a lot heavier than you think.  Do I have a theme going here? 
This piece is also staying with me.  Its a home made industrial fan, and it weighs a ton!  Okay I guess I do have a theme going.  I purchased it from a vendor who also does Round Top, TX. He has amazing stuff.  Thanks, Clark!
These drawers were a steal!  All they need is a little cleaning up.  I told you I love drawers!
This is a double sided sign.  And the patina is perfect if you ask me!
I suspect this metal suitcase was originally painted.  I love, did I say LOVE, that its now just a bare metal finish!
I love (am I saying love too much?) these ice cream cups!  I bought them from fellow JMS member Mary, or better known as 54girl.  Thanks, Mary!
These were used in grain elevators.  I bought as many as they had.  I have big plans for these....
And I saved the best for last.  This poultry bin (so I was told) is going to be a project of mine.  Youll have to wait and see what I do with it    :-)
I found a lot of great items this year in Oronoco for Gold Rush Days.  My car was loaded to the brim!

I found a lot of great items this year in Oronoco for Gold Rush Days.  My car was loaded to the brim!

Well it was an amazing weekend in Oronoco, MN!  I had a fab time with Ms. Amy, the Pfarkel Sisters and a bunch of JMS members.  I'm sure Amy will share pictures of the Blogger Party she held during the sale.  We had almost perfect weather (one brief shower), and lots of sun.  There were great vendors, too!  Here's a sneak peek at the amazing junk I found!        

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justjordy33 writes: I love old looking kitchen cabinets in the house makes the house look so good. Posted: 8:37 am on July 17th
Mitzi3t writes: Holy Cow!!! I love it all! This site is new to me (I LOVE it!)and I am amazed that there are so many others out there with the same disease I have...Junkitis! Who knew? Now I need to know where these "junk fests" are held! I live in northeast Florida and have never heard of anything like what they have in Oronoco. Any ideas?? Posted: 7:32 am on April 28th
junkermidge writes: I am SOOOO drooling!
Midge Posted: 9:34 pm on August 31st
CottageElements writes: Hi, Angela and welcome to the site! As to your German sleds, I would post a picture of them on the site and I'm sure the members would all pitch in with some great ideas for you. We have some very creative members who are always ready to help.

Lani Posted: 9:20 am on August 31st
picture_your_past writes: You have found some great items to reuse and display. I am new on this site and I also love junk. I recently found some old German sleds and would love to covert them into wine racks would you have any suggestions or know anywhere or anyone that could help me out with this project? Thanks and Happy Junk hunting, Angela Posted: 12:58 am on August 30th
ILikeItVintage writes: All Cool Stuff!! Just sitting here with my mouth open at your great metal finds! Posted: 4:41 pm on August 27th
suewhitney writes: Oh so cool!!! I'm sorry I missed out this year. It will ae next year even sweeter! ARe you going to part with any of that cool stuff? Hmmmmmmmm....

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 7:45 am on August 27th
CottageElements writes: Thanks, everyond for the kind comments. I don't know why everything I buy is heavy (and big), but it sure does make things interesting. Robert, I didn't even see you there! Was your booth in a different location this year? Laurel, you definiately have to plan for next year. We'll be doing two blogger parties so it'll be twice the fun! Tammy and Mary, so glad I got to meet you both this year :) Hope to see more JMS members next year. Maybe we should try to do one in the spring, too, for Gold Rush in Rochester. Who knows? Ang, why don't you email me at Lani4157@aol.com so we can plan a get-together when you are here in September. Sounds like fun! Posted: 12:16 pm on August 26th
Man_ito_ba writes: I Love the Fan, I want it :) Smiles ... Posted: 6:39 am on August 26th
bluebucket writes: Love it all but especially the drawers, so great for organizing, especially with the name plates on the front (no more opening every drawer to find what you want). Funny, I have an old exit sign at my back door. LOL.
doreen Posted: 12:05 am on August 26th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: LANI,
This is funny I was standing right beside you when you bought that fan,I thought that was you but then I caught up with AMY,SUNDAY. I wanted to go the the party and I needed to do more checking but you got some neat Junk and the guy you got the fan from we all do the show in RoundTop. He always has some neat things.Glad you had fun.God Bless, ROBERT Posted: 11:07 pm on August 25th
artteachergirl writes: Jealous doesn't even cover it! Love the drawers, the fan, the poultry bin, and, and,... well all of it! Posted: 9:42 pm on August 25th
SpamtownGal writes: Next year I'm following you (with a hoist!)so I can pick up what you leave behind! Great finds! My shopping weighed less than five pounds! Posted: 8:08 pm on August 25th
byabpryor writes: You got some amazing stuff there lady... Like WOW! I can't wait to see your projects. While ALL were great.. my fav are those drawers... SCORE!

. Posted: 4:35 pm on August 25th
TracyMB writes: Wow... (word of the day), what amazing treasures. Looking forward to the transformations/coming out parties! :) Posted: 3:22 pm on August 25th
54girl writes: WOW you found some amazing stuff. I really like that fan and I love stools so I'm sure if I saw that I would've picked that up too. Fun things!! Thanks to you and Amy and the Pfarkel sisters for stopping at our booth and saying hello. It was great meeting everyone. Can't wait to see what you do with everthing!! Mary Posted: 11:55 am on August 25th
Vintagemommy writes: Lots of potential in all of those for sure!! Can't wait to see what your creativeness does to all this "Junk"! :) Posted: 11:24 am on August 25th
sandyrae writes: Love, love, love.... want, want want! Need I say more! Posted: 11:23 am on August 25th
RustyDiva writes: My pulse is racing at every picture! I can only imagine how you are going to vamp up the style on each piece ~ can't wait! Thanks for letting us know "Clark" is in Texas (a little closer to home for me) cause I would LOVE one of those fans ~ looks like it would definitely keep hot flashes at bay! LOL

Kenda Posted: 11:11 am on August 25th
shabbychick writes: Lani - WOW...heavy metal is right! Trying to pick my favorite - I really do love that metal suitcase. But, it's all fabulous!

I want to know where Amy put all her stuff...(her trailer???)

It looks like a very productive junk hunt - can't wait to see what you come up with!

Miss you all!!!

Kathy Posted: 9:37 am on August 25th
chippingcharm writes: Wow Lani...I love everything you found! Can't wait to see what you do with that poultry bin!
Sure wish I could have been there...maybe I'll start planning now for next year ;) Talk soon, Laurel Posted: 8:36 am on August 25th
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