And...A Cozy Guest Room Too!

October 28th, 2008 in member junk     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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The bed area - with a garden trellis to hang, what else???  Florals!  Dont ya just love the header over the bed - its metal, and just the right amount of chippy paint.  This was already mounted on the wall, and we got to embellish around it!
A wall of mirrors!  (Our motto is - you can never have too many mirrors!!  Yikes...we say that about a lot of things...)
This is the wall at the opposite end of the bed - a wonderful leaded glass window was hung above the blanket/quilt cabinet, and of course an extra mirror rests on the floor for a bit of reflection - and the beautiful stargazer lily painting is another great find!! 
And, our favorite thing...the final wall - the cozy computer area!
And, heres our first guest...actually a permanent resident...Ellens kitty, Luna.  She hung out with us in the room all day, actually slept through most of it - drilling, sawing, hammering, laughing, etc...  She had stuff piled all around her on the bed and didnt seem to mind at all (Im sure we were providing some entertainment - and she didnt want to miss it!!)
The bed area - with a garden trellis to hang, what else???  Florals!  Dont ya just love the header over the bed - its metal, and just the right amount of chippy paint.  This was already mounted on the wall, and we got to embellish around it!

The bed area - with a garden trellis to hang, what else???  Florals!  Don't ya just love the header over the bed - it's metal, and just the right amount of "chippy" paint.  This was already mounted on the wall, and we got to "embellish" around it!

Here's Ellen's oh so cozy guest room.  She had all the right "stuff" for us to play with to create a space where her guests will probably never want to leave!!! :)  My friend Terri and I built the computer area (see my other post for details), hung mirrors, windows, shutters, etc. to cozy things up - all in a day! 

She has been collecting things to use (and was pulling mirrors, etc. out of her hall closet that seemed like Mary Poppin's carpet bag - it just kept coming...) - so, we didn't lack for pieces and parts and inspiration!  We had previously done a garden room in the sun porch which is adjacent to this room, so we wanted a little bit of the "garden" in this room too. 

Ellen had placed a garden trellis by the bed, so we were able to hang one of her florals on it.  She has this "to die for" piece of old metal architecture hanging over the bed - so it just needed a little "something" hung below to finish it off - isn't it an awesome piece??

We hung mirrors, frames, windows, etc. on the walls - and it all just seemed to fit together like a puzzle.

Just a few finishing touches - Terri is sewing curtains and a slipcover for the computer chair out of some vintage barkcloth - can't wait to see them...  And, of course - the computer has to be set up too!

It was a fun day's work!  AND, when the man of the house returned home that night - he was amazed at what three girls, a few power tools, and a bit of imagination could do! (We never had any doubts!!)


Pattern or design used: Kathy, Terri and our trusted friend, client and assistant, Ellen
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nancat1946 writes: OMG . I'm drooling. There are no words.... Posted: 12:12 am on May 2nd
CottageElements writes: Very beautiful, Kathy. Love the white distressed pieces. Just very calming. The type of place you could just lay back, listening to music and just relax with your kitty! Wonderful.

Lani Posted: 9:14 am on November 3rd
shabbychick writes: Thanks again! So glad to be able to share this room with everyone - our friend has amazing taste in antique/vintage things - and we had the fun of putting it all together.

Christy - the old US map pillow is absolutely fantastic - it's embroidered with each state's flower too. (our friend, Ellen, definitely has a gift for finding unique things!)

LuAnn - I'm sure we could have big fun putting a room together!! :)

Janis - Ellen added the trellis for a nice garden-y touch - it fit perfectly into the corner!

Kathy Posted: 9:03 am on October 29th
csudderth writes: What an amazing room. You all did a fantastic job! I love everything but especially the old U.S. map on the pillowcase.
Christy Posted: 9:20 pm on October 28th
LuAnn writes: OK that's it--I'm on my way down to be taught by the best. This room is just to charming I may have to stay awhile--a long while!!

LuAnn Posted: 7:31 pm on October 28th
fellowjunker writes: Again, what an unbelievable combination of outstanding junk pieces. So CHIC!!!! Love how you incorporated the trellis.
xojanis Posted: 5:19 pm on October 28th
shabbychick writes: Thanks everyone! I appreciate your kind words. This is really something we love to do (and wish it was our "day job"!!).

Cindy - it usually takes a bit of work to bring a guy over to the "chippy white" side... Our husbands questioned us (and still do occasionally with "you're gonna paint that white???) for quite a while as we painted piece after piece of furniture white (and distressed it) - but they realized it definitely sells! :)

Gretchen - I went back and read your profile - and you're right - long lost sisters!!! We were "junkers in training" for sure!!

AtticusFinch - Thanks & welcome to the JunkMarket!

Candy - Our friend has wonderful taste in anything vintage/antique, and does some amazing stuff - you should see the rest of her house!

Sharon - This place is definitely "kitty heaven". In her garden room/sun porch, we built a shelf (out of another old beadboard door) on three sides of the room (below the windows) - and the kitties (she has four) love to lounge and "bird watch"! Will have to post pics of that room too.

Thanks again! Kathy Posted: 3:05 pm on October 28th
saclark writes: I absolutely love this room!!! It has all of the elements I go crazy for. And the computer area is excellent! I bet my kitties (all 10) would enjoy the room as much as Luna. Keep up the good work girls!

Sharon Posted: 2:43 pm on October 28th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Hi Kathy! Your friend has so many amazing pieces however you ladies put it all together beautifully!

Thank you for sharing this beautiful project of yours!

Candy Posted: 1:35 pm on October 28th
AtticusFinch writes: Beautiful! Posted: 1:29 pm on October 28th
MimiToria writes: Kathy- THis is a great redo. Your friend is a fortunate girl to have you in her circle of friends. Great job and love the sepia photos'. Just my style girl.
Just read your profile, and realize now we could be soul sisters. It was like I was reading about my own childhood.
Gretchen Posted: 12:40 pm on October 28th
junkinhart writes: Kathy.......WOW!! That about says it all!! Very fabulous!! The more I look at your guys' white chippy, the more I am liking it!! Now I just need to get JB to look at it every day to get used to the idea of painting wood!! LOL!!

You 3 girls did an awesome job!! Never doubt a woman and power tools!!

Cindy Posted: 12:23 pm on October 28th
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