It Began by Planting a Tree Limb..continued

July 26th, 2010 in member junk     
cheriberri cheriberri, member
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Everything is either found, given to me or bought on a clearance rack! Yes, Im talking about the plants and the yard art. People call me the plant doctor..I buy plants that most people would throw in the trash (thats actually where many were found) and I give them TLC...They just grow! I add little surprises..hidden everywhere, amongst the greenery, of my junk treasures. The 3 logs have actually petrified and make a huge statement on the word FREE! It is my obsession...

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Silverlinings writes: I love your statement about loving other people's trash. Welcome to my world!! Posted: 10:37 am on July 31st
2gaudygals writes: Love everything you have done. It looks so relaxing, but I know you do a lot of work to keep it that beautiful. love it- Posted: 3:43 pm on July 29th
RustyDiva writes: Wonderful that you have such a green thumb! Your hard work shows. Beautiful plants! Posted: 10:12 am on July 28th
Prior writes: very lovely! Lezlee Posted: 11:05 pm on July 26th
cheriberri writes: Hey Ya'll thanx for the great comments! I work so hard on my yard ( was out in it ALL day today!!) Its nice to hear others enjoying it also!
Nikitx> I live in central Florida. It was mid 90s and heat index of 101 today!! Yes, its a staghorn fern. It is about 5 feet across now! It was a gift from my lil brother. I am in the process of fixing up my greenhouse.. I use it for my veggies but also for my pots when I need to in the winter. The rest of my yard is tricky..alot of blankets, sheets and PVC pipe with plastic draped over it! ALOT of SWEAT, blisters and backaches..everyday of the year but I dont think of it as work..its my canvas and I Thank GOD that He lets me be the artist :) Posted: 9:08 pm on July 26th
CoffeeLady writes: It's so enchanting! If I was an orphaned plant, I would want you to take me home. Posted: 2:00 pm on July 26th
MakinItHappen writes: Well, whatever you're doing, you're doing it right! Love your garden. Posted: 10:57 am on July 26th
nikintx writes: Is that a staghorn fern I saw in one of your photos? Where do you live and do you have to use a hothouse in the winter?Your yard is gorgeous and I envy you your green-thumb. Right now with the 97 degree weather, even my boston ferns are biting the dust.
I am impressed! Posted: 9:47 am on July 26th
SarahMc writes: These are GREAT!!! My measly little gardens that I dont have time for now really seem pathetic!!! Fabulous, wonderful, artsy, beautiful!!!! Posted: 9:33 am on July 26th
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