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July 16th, 2010 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Sometimes I wish I really could freeze time and that there was no such thing as highschool graduation!
OK...heres our mystery piece of junk! If you can guess what it is Ill give you one million dollars. Ah hahaha! Only kidding. Im checking to see if you are awake!
Someone got hold of a can of silver spray paint and went to town on this baby...hence the paint stripper.
Scrap off the paint after the stripper has done its magic.
A little wax cements the deal.
Heres a tip. Glue the sawtooth hanger in place before nailing. Those nails are teensy weensy and this helps assure that Mr. Sawtooth stays where he is supposed to while hammering the nails.
Tape photo to back of mystery junk using artisits tape. This will keep it in place without damaging th photo.
Cool hardware. It really opens and closes.
Spring loaded for action. Caution...dont let your fingers get in the way!
A grease pencil or dry erase marker works well on the glass. Theres my little graduate!
Sometimes I wish I really could freeze time and that there was no such thing as highschool graduation!

Sometimes I wish I really could freeze time and that there was no such thing as highschool graduation!

I am always looking for cool ways to frame pictures of family and friends. This is currently one of my favorites. It too some cleaning up, but it was worth it.

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Comments (21)

LittleRedHen writes: Hey Susie-Q, What wax did you use for this project! I am on the look out for waxes. What do you recommend?

Tami Posted: 12:23 pm on July 28th
suewhitney writes: Dru roll is a window from a Model T. Thanks to the Pfarkel for not guessing since I bought it fro them!

Take care,
Posted: 9:01 am on July 22nd
maddieg writes: We were just talking at work about how the milkman used to deliver milk to the house and one of the guys mentioned he had just sided over the milk door - where the man would put the milk in the house. - That's what it looks like to me. We were even luckiier -the milk man brought the milk right in and put it in the refrigerator! Boy those were the days! Awesome cool frame whatever it is! Would make a great leprechaun door! Posted: 4:17 pm on July 19th
shabbychick writes: Lots of great guesses - I'm stumped - but I like Grasshopper22's guess of the ice cream cart window, or is it that I just love ice cream??? Anyway - such a fun re-use, and Elizabeth is so beautiful. I'm sure you're so proud of your graduate (and, yes, if only we could freeze time...).

AND, clever idea to glue the sawtooth before nailing!

Kathy Posted: 3:35 pm on July 19th
JanieBV writes: Beautiful reuse of this object. My guess is that it is an old door from a milk chute where the milkman put the milk in. Posted: 1:55 pm on July 19th
chippingcharm writes: idea what it was, but it looks like it was "meant" to hold that picture of your beautiful daughter! Laurel Posted: 4:56 pm on July 18th
Fjerda writes: Do the Pfarkel Sisters get to guess on this one?? It turned out wonderful and yes, Colleen is very close to the right guess. It is from the horse drawn vehicle era. Posted: 12:12 pm on July 18th
Grasshopper22 writes: My guess is a door from a vintage ice cream cart...the ones that go around town and sell sweet treats to all the kiddies??
Very cool whatever it is...:) Posted: 8:31 am on July 18th
BillyJo writes: I thought it was off an old egg shaped camper trailer but your comment on "freeze time" keeps me guessing it may be the freezer that RustyDiva says. Soo Kewell. BillyJo Posted: 9:43 pm on July 17th
ninnarae writes: Charming frame! Your daughter is lovely! I love how you added your own sweet comment! Posted: 8:29 pm on July 17th
OnEaglesWings writes: It's the small window on the big door where Dorothy went to see the wizard! Posted: 2:45 pm on July 17th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: SUE,
As I look at this you know me you have a beautiful daughter and one to really be proud of.That frame is something else.We had doors like that when I was on the farm especially the ole chicken house,the barn.I even saw a horse trailor with kind of doors.What ever it is you did a tremdous job on it and a special blessing to you and your daughter.LOVE & BLESSINGS. ROBERT.. Posted: 10:10 am on July 17th
suewhitney writes: Hi All.

Green Colleen is the closest...keep guessing!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 7:28 am on July 17th
bluebucket writes: I wouldn't even venture a guess as to what it is but it's sure unique. I like redpainterbear's guess. No matter what it was, it's now a wonderful project item as always.
doreen Posted: 7:50 pm on July 16th
redpainterbear writes: I think it is the frame from an opening that the ice man would put ice blocks thru. Posted: 6:34 pm on July 16th
RustyDiva writes: Because of your title, I was thinking it was a window from an old walk in freezer. I don't know how well wood would do in that environment though. Whatever it WAS, it is now a beautiful window to a beautiful girl. Lovely job Sue!

Kenda Posted: 2:43 pm on July 16th
Funky_Junk_Donna writes: It's the spring loaded thing that has me stumped, otherwise to me it resembles a medicine cab door. So unique!

And the use is equally unique. I LOVE this! A picture frame with gadgetry and moving parts and even rust... life doesn't get much better than that! :)

Posted: 12:36 pm on July 16th
oldnews writes: No idea what it is (kinda looks like an old doggie door!?) but what whatever it is, I really like it! Marie Posted: 11:02 am on July 16th
JunkArchitect writes: It looks like a window from a “Hoosier” type cabinet. It’s very cool no matter what it is.

Posted: 9:46 am on July 16th
byabpryor writes: I was going to say a cool medicine cabinet but I think GreenColleen is right.

Congrats on your daughter's graduation. SHe'll always be mommy's little girl.

GREAT PROJECT! Posted: 9:01 am on July 16th
greencolleen writes: so sue not sure what this is but my guess is it is a window from a vintage trailer. far too cute. also i have been using staple gun on sawtooth hangers works great. Posted: 8:45 am on July 16th
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