Farewell Jedi Junk - May the Force Be With You

October 20th, 2008 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Well surely miss this face greeting us each morning!
A picture speaks a thousand words.
Are you feeling a bit out numbered Tim?
Tim is enjoying one of his 8 small meals per day. Thats OK Tim, the 80%/20% is the way to go!
Youre going to make what out of what? Tim after 5 minutes with me.
Is that a Vanna pose Tim?
As you drive off into the distance, we say hoozah young man, hoozah! Beam me up Scotty! Ooops, thats Star Trek...my bad!
Well surely miss this face greeting us each morning!

We'll surely miss this face greeting us each morning!

Timothy, after a good long while is on his way to pursue different dreams. It has been a pleasure getting to know Tim and to work with such a bright, funny, and talented young man. We wish him much luck and good fortune in his new endeavors. October 31st will be his final day so let's all give him a big junker's round of applause. Thanks for everything, Tim.

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Chovey writes: Good luck in your future endeavors!!
cynthia Posted: 6:30 pm on November 1st
WhisperWood Cottage writes: “Into the garbage chute, flyboy!” (Or maybe that should be the "junk" chute!) Man, how often does one get to pull from their arsenal of Star Wars quotes? Take care, Tim. Best of luck in your new endeavors.“Beware of the dark side." “The Force will be with you, always.”

Amy Posted: 6:49 pm on October 30th
Cherwood writes: Tim - We'll miss you! It was always great running into you at various junking excursions. I'm still waiting for the "I'm a little junker..." video! :)

Take care, friend. Good luck with your next adventure.

Cheryl in PI Posted: 5:19 pm on October 30th
georgiamoon writes: Timmy Tim Tim, I have not ONE Star Wars reference for you cuz I don't know jack about that stuff, but I do know a great guy when I meet one. I think you are terrific, funny, talented, patient, funny, helpful, funny, AND one super cool dude...and I don't know that many super cool dudes! I love ya and wish you all the happiness and success in the world...you go get em buddy, and let us know how it goes from time to time. And hey you can always start making projects of your own and post the pics for us! Take care my friend, Georgia Posted: 2:05 pm on October 30th
Robolady writes: Hello Tim. I don't know if you remember me but we met when you were in Canton September a year ago. I could tell you were a fun guy then. May the Force be with you, live long a prosper, Don't buy any Tribbles (those things multiply).
Remember the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (or the one).

Chao-you scruffy looking nerfhearder. Just joking, I know you get it.

Margo Posted: 1:12 pm on October 30th
JediJunk writes: Thanks for the kind farewell, Sue!

My time at JUNKMARKET, like most things in my life, can be summed up through Star Wars.

As a total junk newbie, my first tour through the JUNKMARKET warehouse had my eyes wide in shock. Like Luke Skywalker on his first glance of the Millennium Falcon, I thought, "what a piece of junk!"

Junk isn't a bad thing, though. The JM crew and all of the JMS members taught me that. Flea markets aren't a wasteland of ill goods, they're treasure havens. It's fascinating how something old and "junky" can take on new life with charm, class, and style. (Affordable style, no less.) Why be cookie-cutter and buy newfangled goods when you can create your own fascinating style?

It's an appreciation--one that all of you have helped me achieve. So THANKS to everyone, especially the JUNKMARKET crew for enlightening my view of "style." Junk may be old, and sometimes crusty-looking, but it's one-of-a-kind and purely your own.

Recall the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo's "piece of junk" freighter.

That thing is the fastest ship in the galaxy!


P.S. I only wish that were my car. Posted: 12:00 pm on October 30th
csudderth writes: Good Luck Tim! I don't personally know you but you look like a fun guy! Cool car!
Christy Posted: 11:35 am on October 30th
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