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RedheadedWahine RedheadedWahine, member
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I found this 3' birdcage on top of a trash can ready to be thrown out.  I have an idea what I want to do with it (no, not a lamp...).  I'll post the finished product when I'm done but in the is loaded with rust and I need to get it off before I prime and repaint it.  Anyone have any suggestions on removing rust besides sand paper??? Oh my sore fingers.......and I'm using gloves!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Finch Linen and Decor
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ShuginBoots writes: I've used a grill brush (with the wiry metal bristles) to scrub rust off of antique keys before. I was told that spraying the keys with Balistol or anything lubricated that you'd use inside a gun will help to prevent it from rusting again. Hope that helps.

The birdhouse is awesome. You could paint it (which would also take care of re-rust some I'd think)...and weave some pretty fake flowers inside there..or double sided picture frames by wire from the top and the pics would turn back and forth like a mobile for a baby crib...would be especially pretty w/ black & white pics on a scrapbook page background.

Good luck! :) Posted: 7:21 pm on August 19th
rochorabbit writes: I've seen birdcages like this transformed into storage for office and mail supplies. You can add shelves, hooks and small baskets for pens/pencils, paperclips and so on. I have one similar that I put plants in. Posted: 10:49 pm on July 31st
lady1880s writes: A friend of mine swears by vinegar,says's it better then Navel Jelly. Posted: 10:43 pm on July 31st
Prior writes: Well, I was going to add right in with everyone else, until I learned where you lived, I lived on a coral island and know what you mean the kids' bikes, the underneath of a car, everything rusted over night...Hey, you could probably make some money by charging us to send you our things to rust up for us real quick! I think it is a great piece and am anxious to see what you do! Lezlee Posted: 10:04 pm on July 20th
Pegge writes: Can't wait to see what you come up with. When I was a "kid" if Mom didn't have enough brillo pads, I'd rub aluminum foil balled up to get the rust off the chrome on my bike rims. Posted: 4:59 pm on July 17th
RedheadedWahine writes: thanks for all the comments, you rust lovers! :>) But I live in the tropics and EVERYTHING rusts here so its not considered cool. I wouldn't be able to sell the piece. So since my plan is to make a "useable" item, not just decor, the rust has got to go. More later....aloha... Posted: 3:18 am on July 17th
makinthemostofit writes: After reading all the comments, I can't wait to see what you do with it. It's a great find, and I am with the majority...LOVE the RUST!! Posted: 11:44 am on July 15th
oldnews writes: I'd be one of those who says absolutely don't remove the rust! I would just seal it with a clear exterior sealer and there it would be! Of course, I can't wait to see what you do with it, because I never cease to be amazed at the creativity of everyone here!! Marie Posted: 1:07 am on July 14th
karilelek writes: Leave the rust!!!!!!!!! I think it might be a sacreligous to remove good rust Posted: 11:44 pm on July 13th
JunkArchitect writes: I’m not going to be any help because I go out of my way to create rust. But I really like the shape of your birdhouse. I’d spray paint it with the rust on it. The rust will bleed through and give it a chippy vintage look

Posted: 8:25 pm on July 13th
roadtriplouise writes: I went on a garden tour this past weekend. They painted a bird cage like this a yellow color and put in their flower garden. It looked great. Posted: 2:07 pm on July 13th
MakinItHappen writes: There's a product I've used a few times called rust converter, which turns rust into primer. There are different brands of it and you shouldn't have any trouble finding it in your town. You don't have to sand it off first, but I would probably scrape away the loose stuff with a wire brush before applying this product. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it really works. When it dries it turns black and you're ready to repaint! Posted: 1:06 pm on July 13th
Deni0529 writes: there's a liquid you can buy at Lowes, I think it's made by Jasco - Metal rust remover and primer, I use it on lots of metal stuff, (horseshoes, steel stuff I've cut out, etc)
you just brush it on, I usually do it in a tub to capture the runoff since it is liquid, then you let it dry, and it turns sort of white, then use a metal brush to scrape the white stuff off, it works great. Home Depot doesn't have it, I've only found it at Lowes. Good luck! Deni Posted: 12:30 pm on July 13th
RustyDiva writes: My name says it all ~ I love rust too but if you just HAVE to get rid of it, maybe try a wire brush. Otherwise poly that baby up and let the rust shine through!! :) Posted: 11:36 am on July 13th
CottageElements writes: Unfortunately, I love rust so I don't usually remove it. In fact I even know something you can use to cause rust, but not remove it. Good luck...looks like a cool piece!

Lani Posted: 11:11 am on July 13th
BillyJo writes: naval jelly works well, I agree get the rust dust off and apply a little stain/varnish combined. Cant wait to see it.
BillyJo Posted: 9:38 am on July 13th
SantaClaus writes: I love rust - I'd leave it on - LOL Posted: 8:45 am on July 13th
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